Monday, September 18, 2017

ISBL Asshat of the Week: GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

California Republican Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher believes that the Charlottesville rally by white supremacists, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, the KKK and other members of the "alt-right" was a "total hoax" designed by liberals to bait _____ and make him look bad.

Oh, honey, that tool doesn’t need our help to look bad; it’s the easiest thing he does.

Rohrabacher, who represents California’s very conservative Orange County, "thinks the Charlottesville riots were a “total hoax” staged by liberals.

Yes, he believes that a group of liberals created the march and pretended to be alt-right asshats and neo-Nazi wingnuts, and white supremacist f**kmonkeys just because we somehow knew that _____ would handle the whole thing badly, say the wrong thing and look like a bigot.

Of course, we didn’t mean to have one of our stand-in haters run down and murder Heather Heyer, who was protesting the neo-Nazis.

Rohrabacher is waist "deep into" his Charlottesville conspiracy theory sh*t-fest and claims to know "that Democrats were behind [the] white nationalist riots” because a former “Hillary and Bernie supporter” got Civil War re-enactors to gather under the guise of protecting a Robert E. Lee statue. 
“It was a setup for these dumb Civil War re-enactors. It was left-wingers who were manipulating them in order to have this confrontation [and] to put our president on the spot.” 
Yes, there were no neo-Nazis or Klan members or alt-right loons or white supremacists in Charlottesville that day; it was liberals dressed up as racists to make _____ look bad.

Seriously. A costume drama? But then, please to explain, all the known white supremacists and neo-Nazis who showed up that day and were interviewed by the media and seen on television marching and shouting their hate speech?

Can you explain that you idiot?

Of course not, and that is why Dana Rohrabacher is the ISBL Asshat of the Week.

PS He believes that global warming is a "total fraud" used by liberals to "create global government." 

Those damned liberals; we dress up as Nazis to make _____ look like an idiot and we created these epic storms to build a global power government.

Someone needs to take off his tinfoil hat, eh, Dana?


the dogs' mother said...

Ah-mazing. Hope he enjoys his hat.

anne marie in philly said...

dump doesn't need this mutha to make him look bad; dump can do that all by his widdle hands orange self!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Don't forget that this idiot is an admirer of Putin's! And yes my jaw dropped when I read the article about his bizarre claims.

Sadie J said...

And I'm sure those that showed up in Charlottesville would be completely insulted to be labeled at "alt-left actors"!