Monday, April 25, 2016

Vacation Post: ISBL Asshat of the Week: Drunk Driving Republican Tom Taylor

The GOP is home to the Family Values coalition, set up to protect children and women and Christians from the evils of the world, and o no one is more Family Values than Georgia Republican state Representative Tom Taylor.

Oh, and no one is more lying hypocritical Family Values Asshat than Tom Taylor because Taylor was stopped by Georgia police on April 7 and arrested for drunk driving.

That’s bad, but it gets worse; not only was Drunk Tommy putting every other driver on the road in danger because he chose to drive drunk he was also endangering the lives of the four children who were in the car with him at the time, though it’s not exactly clear who the kids were because Drunk Tommy and his wife only have a 23-year-old son.

That’s bad, but it gets worse; not only was Drunk Tommy driving drunk with children in the car but he was also carrying a loaded weapon in a holster.

That’s bad, but it gets worse; Drunk Tommy denied having anything to drink since having some wine the night before, but a search of the vehicle produced a water bottle which police said smelled of alcohol.

Howsabout that for Family Values: booze, kids and guns! Oh my.

Now, lest anyone think that maybe drunk Tommy had a beer after a hard day’s work spreading GOP hypocrisy, understand that when he was tested at the scene his blood alcohol level was .225 … almost three times the legal limit; and this all took place at 2:45 in the afternoon!

That’s bad, but it gets worse; one might think that being drunk and driving, with kids in the car and a loaded weapon strapped to your waist might bring with it a charge of “reckless endangerment” but not in Georgia; the gun was properly registered to Taylor, so there were no charges related to it. He was only charged with speeding, carrying an open container of alcohol and DUI.

Drunk Tommy and his Family Values Platform are in a tight primary fight against fellow Republican Tom Owens, and since this incident will only help him with the gun-toting, beer-swilling, redneck faction of the GOP, he issued a statement:
“I profoundly regret this serious mistake. There’s no one to blame but me, and I greatly appreciate the professionalism of the officers involved. This was my first run-in with the law in my life, and it will also be my last.”
Well, I don’t know if it’ll be his last run-in, but if it is, he definitely covered all bases: speeding, drunk driving, open bottle of liquor, endangering children and carrying a loaded firearm.

Gotta love those GOP Family Values.

And you gotta love an ISBL Asshat of the Week!


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the next thing ya know, he'll be doing a "wide stance" in the men's room of some local hotel! asshat!