Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Garay Residence

Ah, San Francisco. One of the most beautiful cities ever, either from within the city limits, or from outside the city limits.

The owners of this home had lived in an older home on a hillside lot in Tiburon for many years, dreaming of one day transforming their low, one story 1970’s home into a new home worthy of the spectacular site, perched above San Francisco Bay.

Their dreams began to be realized in 2005 with the design of a 2000 square foot addition, coupled with a complete renovation of the existing 3,200 square foot house.

The site is a half-acre, south-facing hillside parcel, with complete privacy, and unobstructed 270 degree views from the East Bay hills, across Angel Island, San Francisco, to Mt. Tamelpias to the west.

The new house is almost entirely opaque on the north side where a new entrance motor court is defined by overlapping retaining walls and a driveway composed of concrete slabs. One hundred and fifty year old Mission Olive trees, and large mature Blue Agave contrast five ‘free-standing’ walls constructed from long horizontal pieces of Jerusalem Stone.

A custom built black oak, center pivot door provides entry into the living space and gives you that first glimpse of the Golden Gate in the distance. This “spine” of the home overlooks the living, dining and kitchen, with fully retracting doors on three sides, designed for indoor-outdoor living.

Frameless glazing, doors that retract into walls, dramatic cantilevered roof extensions, and the vein cut travertine floors that travels from the interior out onto the terraces seamlessly connect inside to the outside.

Private spaces are located at the either end of the circulation spine: to the west are two children’s bedrooms with a south facing balcony, and an au pairs room; in-between there are two guest rooms. At the east end is the master suite and sitting room.

The pool is a reflective, meditative pond with the water line flush with the travertine decking, and overlooks a new bocce ball court below and The City and The Bay and The Bridge beyond. The home also includes a glass wine cellar, media room, gym and locker room, outdoor shower, and a private office with its own bath.

I could live in this house, though I’d probably spend all my time out of the house, staring at that view.


the dogs' mother said...

Gorgeous views. Glass wine cellar... in earthquake country?

anne marie in philly said...

OMB, look at that view! and that kitchen! pity every damn thing is so expensive out there! and don't get me started about the earthquakes...and the drought...

Bob Slatten said...

That's my home state, and the views are to.die.for.
Plus, the last big quake was 1989 ... though maybe that means they're due ... ?

mistress maddie said...

This is a bit modern for me, but in this case I could make an exemption. The view looks very close to a friends house of mine. I wonder just how far from there house this place is. I'd be in the pool all day.

Anonymous said...

Is that a body in the pool?

Anonymous said...

Love the windows and the views.

Fearsome Beard said...

Stunning home. Its kinda crazy when one adds 2000 sq ft to a 3200 sq ft home! It happens all the time in the good 'hoods from north to south in this lovely state. I do love California though, it's my adopted home.