Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Musings

Wow. A new subgroup, People Against Betty Crocker.

Seriously, Tony Perkins of the hate group the Family Research Council has begun asking his sheep minions followers to boycott Betty Crocker because of the company's support for LGBT couples.

It all began when Betty Crocker donated custom cakes to three same-sex Minnesota couples who were married after the state legalized same-sex marriage, and Perkins is livid that a company spokesman said:
“Betty celebrates all families.”
Cuz that’s bad, you know.

I tend to bake cake from scratch but I may have to buy a Box’o‘Betty now.

Big Brother should start a new campaign when looking for next season’s contestants: Come on our show, say what you want and het fired.

I mean, this season Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman were fired from their jobs—while in seclusion in ‘The House’ and Spencer Clawson, a railroad conductor for Union Pacific, was denounced by his employer for his homophobic and pro-Hitler remarks on the show.

Now, we can add another name to that list: last Friday the College of DuPage confirmed via Facebook that openly gay contestant Andy Herren is no longer working for them and is now unemployed:
"Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show "Big Brother" does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage."
Now, this just proves that The Gays can be as dumb and bigoted as The Straights, though Herren was slightly less offensive than some of the others. But, the episode that aired before Herren’s job announced that he no longer worked for them was one in which Herren agreed with finalist GinaMarie that many of the evicted houseguests were "robotic biracials."

I guess it’s good then that Andy Herren won this season, and the $500,000 prize because he’s out of work.

GinaMarie, also suddenly unemployed, gets $50,000, and I suggest for her that her first purchase be a dictionary.

So, there you have it, be a racist on TV and lose your job! Perhaps these three should try out for The Apprentice; they already have the You're Fired! part down.

Oh for the love of Julie Andrews WTF is NBC trying to do?

Seriously? Carrie Underwood as Maria von Trapp? Why not just change the title to reflect the real show: The Sound of Trainwreck!

I haven’t posted about the shootings at the Navy Yard because, well, why?

I mean, how many more of these shooting rampages do we need? How many more times must we express our outrage over people with easy access to guns shooting up a school or a mall or a movie theater or a Navy Yard.

We get all pissed off and we demand action from our political leaders and they do nothing and then we turn the TV back on to some insipid programming and forget about the shooting until it happens again.

It’s time to get off the fucking merry-go-round and demand, DEMAND, that Washington do something about guns, because at this rate, sooner or later, one of us will be on the wrong end of a gun-toting lunatic.

Queen Latifah has a new talk show. Again. I guess the film career is officially over. But here’s my question because I saw the first show.

Latifah, a deeply closeted lesbian who refuses to discuss her personal life, though we‘ve all seen the smooching pictures of her and her girlfriend on the yacht, so come out already, featured her first guest, deeply closeted and serial masseur groper, John Travolta who looks like a Madame Tussaud’s wax figure come to life. Seriously, I almost gagged watching these two deep-in-denial homos talk about their lives and their dreams.

Of course, it’s all on a show produced by ALLEGED deeply closeted homosexual beard couple Will and Jada Smith, and so, naturally, upcoming episodes feature both Smith children because if Mommy and Daddy can’t buy you a career in show business what good are they?

I recorded the new FX series, The Bridge, and this past week Carlos and I began watching it.

The premise is that a body is found on the bridge between El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, and whose jurisdiction is it. It gets more sticky when it’s learned that the ‘body’ is actually two bodies, the top half that of an anti-immigration judge and the bottom half that of a young Mexican girl.

It really is a great story, and great storytelling, but then it adds one Demien Bichir as the Mexican lawman. And boys, he is hot.

Just saying. Good story, Hot Latino sheriff. Right up my alley.

I might be on the wrong side here, but I think this is good news.

In a 2-1 decision, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down a lower court's ruling that Brian Johnson, a preacher, could not hand out bibles on the grounds of Twin Cities Pride. 

Johnson had been distributing Bibles at Pride since 1995 without issue, but his application to set up a booth for the 2009 event was denied. He was also removed from the festival both that year and the year after. The Minnesota Park & Recreation Board said it had decided to restrict the distribution of literature away from high congestion areas.

But, here’s the deal, some of The Gays are religious folk who want a Bible, and maybe would speak to Johnson—who is not a fan of The Gays—but this is also an issue of Free Speech. Johnson should be allowed to hand out Bible and those folks that want one, or want to listen to him, can do so. Those folks that don’t want a Bible, and don’t want to hear Johnson can simply move on.

We, as a community, cannot tell people they cannot come to Pride, even if they are anti-gay; they have a right to their opinion, and rather than creating a huge court case out of the deal, why not simply let them come and ignore them?

Now, for some good news about Christians and The Gays.

Texas Rangers pitcher Robbie Ross and his wife Brittany are displaying their Christian faith in a new photo for the NoH8 campaign, proving you can be Christian and be LGBT-friendly.
During the shoot, the couple spoke about their vocal support for LGBT rights coming, not in spite of their faith, but because of it:
"Being in sports, and being around all kinds of different people, you just want to accept everyone for who they are. My wife Brittany and I are Christians, and we believe we as Christians should love everyone and show everyone love, and if this is the best way to do it, then we want to support them."
For her part, Brittany Ross said:
"It genuinely breaks my heart. We're all human, and we can all take things from the Bible and twist them however we want. You can basically take a verse from the Bible and say it's OK to beat your wife, but the world says that's not OK, so that's what we go with. And I think the world is saying that gay people in the community are OK. Jesus came to love people. He never persecuted anybody. There are a lot of confusing things in the Bible, and I think if anything is confusing and it promotes hate, then you're taking it the wrong way. Being gay shouldn't just be tolerated, it should be celebrated that people can embody who they truly are. I think that's the main thing."
Bravo and Brava!


the dogs' mother said...

The Engineer was stunned that poor sick fellow got a security clearance. His was held up over the fact that a house he lived in at age 2 no longer existed. We called him The Manchurian Candidate.

anne marie in philly said...

bwhahahaha = putin + dog; this SOB needs to keep his shirt on cause ew ew ew!

I am not impressed either with the tv SoM; I didn't like "the music man" either, although matthew broderick is HAWT! no one has a new idea? really?

didn't know all dat 'bout the queen; verrrrrry interesting, as arte johnson used to say.

and nothing will be done about the latest shooting cause the NRA says so.

Anonymous said...

We don't get many religious bigots at the Providence, Boston or NYC pride parades. But if we did I'd be ready for em'. I keep the Skeptic's Annotated Bible up on my phone.

mistress maddie said...

Seriously......betty Crocker!?! Now don't fool with my betty Crocker! Love Carrie Underwood,,,, but this is a huge down grade!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Mr and Mrs Ross have got it absolutely right; more power to their elbow. Where does it say in the New Testament that we should hate one another?