Friday, September 06, 2013

I Didn't Say It ....

Tom Hiddleston, on having gay fans, and making their “Hot” lists:
“Honestly, I’m flattered and proud. I’ve never made a distinction, to be honest. I feel very proud that I’ve grown up as part of a generation that simply doesn’t make a distinction between gay and straight really…it just really isn’t an issue or actually it is. You know you read about what’s happening in Russia and it’s shocking but for me and the circle of friends that I grew up with, the places where I mostly spend my time, it’s like, ‘Oh. So you like strawberry ice cream and you like vanilla ice cream.’ It’s all good. It’s all ice cream. Anyway, I have many, many gay friends and so I am thrilled that they are fans.”

A fan’s sexual orientation should never be put in question.
They’re fans, not prospective lovers and life-mates.
PS: Tom Hiddleston is adorable.

Ricky Martin, on being an In-The-Closet-Homophobe:
"I was very angry, very rebellious. I used to look at gay men and think, I'm not like that, I don't want to be like that, that's not me. I was ashamed. When you're told you're wrong by everyone, from society, from your faith — my self-esteem was crushed. I took my anger out on those around me. I look back now and realize I would bully people who I knew were gay. I had internalized homophobia. To realize that was confronting to me. I wanted to get away from that."

The biggest homophobes, as I’ve always said, are those gay men, and women, still living in a closet of self-loathing.
Nice that Ricky acknowledged it.
PS: Ricky gets better looking the older he gets.

Bryan Fischer, AFA spokesbigot, on why Hillary Clinton won't win in 2016: 
"She's just going to be too old, going to be too saggy, gravity will have done too much of its mojo on her; she's just going to look old and tired next to virtually anybody that the Republicans run out there."

Pot.Kettle.Sagging bigot.
Take a look in a mirror Bryan, if saggy and old is so bad, get off’a the TV and the internet already.

Cory Booker, on the rumors that he is gay:
“I have not settled down with a life partner ... Because how unfair is it to a young lady to put them in the spotlight if they haven’t signed up for that yet? And people who think I’m gay, some part of me thinks it’s wonderful. Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia. I love seeing on Twitter when someone says I’m gay, and I say, ‘So what does it matter if I am? So be it. I hope you are not voting for me because you are making the presumption that I’m straight.’”

This is a new age of politicians and of people who are standing up and saying, ‘So what if you think I’m gay, it’s not a bad thing.’
PS: the shallow part of me, kinda wishes he was gay because he’s just adorable.

James Blake, professional tennis player who retired this week, on the anti-gay laws in Russia:
"I think everyone at this point, when you look at numbers, someone in your circle, whether it's a family member or a friend, is gay, transgender, or bisexual. You should appreciate that those people are valued members of society, people that are doing something good in the world. They should feel comfortable to live their lives. I think any sort of policy that discriminates against them, that excludes them, is completely unfair in today's day and age. That's why I say we're 50 years out and there are still things going on that are discriminatory."

It’s true, it’s not just anti-gay laws and sentiments, it’s about valuing all people. This is just another brand of discrimination we have to rid ourselves of so we can move on.
PS: he's all kinds of hot.

Francis George, Chicago's Catholic Cardinal, on marriage equality: 
"This is first of all a rational issue before it's a faith issue. That is, it's nature that tells us what marriage is, that in marriage, men and women aren't interchangeable. We didn't invent marriage. The church didn't invent marriage. Nature gives us marriage. The Chinese are not Americans, and they're not Catholic. They know what marriage is. Where did that come from?"

Um, Frankie George, take a look at your Bible and see where it says marriage is one man and one woman, or one man, one woman and a concubine, or one man and one woman as property, or one man and a couple of women, or one man and the wife of his dead brother.
It’s in Genesis if you need help.
Check out Deuteronomy where it says a man who rapes a virgin is married to her.  Or where it says, in times of war, men kill all the men women and children, except for the virgins, who become their wives.  Or Exodus where a slave owner tells a male slave who he marries.
You didn’t invent marriage, but you sure have effed it up over the years.

Miley Cyrus, speaking out about her much-discussed VMAs performance.
"I don't pay attention to the negative because I've seen this play out so many times. How many times have we seen this play out in pop music? Madonna's done it. Britney's done it. Every VMA performance, that's what you're looking for; you're wanting to make history. Me and Robin the whole time we said, 'you know we're about to make history right now.' What's amazing is I think now, we're three days later and people are still talking about it. They're over thinking it. You're thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn't even think about it 'cause that's just me."

You’re not Madonna. Hell, you aren’t even Britney.
You’re a little girl who’s grown up in the spotlight and is looking for a way to stay there, and when that’s all you are, you’ll soon be nowhere fast.

Zachary Quinto, on coming out and how he hopes it will soon stop:
“It really shouldn’t be a f—ing issue. You know what I mean? I understand people’s interest in having a conversation with me about it, but I also feel like, ‘Let’s stop having that conversation and just have the conversation about how we can continue to encourage the evolution and change that’s already brought us so far.’”

I like knowing who is gay and straight, but we never ask the question of our celebrities, ‘Are you straight’ we just ask the Gay question.

I’d like a day where it doesn’t matter and people just are gay and straight and everything in between, without question or judgment.
PS: Yes, adorable.


the dogs' mother said...

Bryan Fischer wins the Honorary Michael Kors Award for devaluing older women.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The focus of history will be on Syria, where history is being made, not on some wannabe \\ (sorry my cat is getting in on the act) doing a cheap imitation of Madonna

designing wally said...

I'm sure god is just thrilled to have Bryan as his personal representative upon the earth...

anne marie in philly said...

bryan and francis should get together on the DL (wink wink nudge nudge).

and would someone PLEASE tell the cyrus beeyotch to STFU NOW!

Raybeard said...

In the fatuous words of the Cardinal "Nature gives us marriage." Oh, really? Funny 'cos I'd assumed that marriage was a man-created institution - in the same way that divorce is permitted, at least by some - though, strangely, not by the R.C. Church (at least not when the newly re-married's former spouses are still alive). So are you saying that marriage is 'Nature-given' while divorce is not, Your Eminence? Please clarify.