Friday, September 20, 2013

I Didn't Say It ....

Sean Hayes, on his new sitcom, Sean Saves The World, not being “message driven” like The New Normal:
“Absolutely not. If that’s a byproduct of their viewing experience, fantastic. But it’s definitely not in the forefront of our minds when creating this show week-to-week. It’s making people laugh and telling great stories. I think with me playing a gay dad, the gay part should be the fifth most interesting thing about the character. It definitely doesn’t need to be focused on that just like in real life. So if it’s groundbreaking for being extra funny, great. But there is no agenda here other than to be funny.”

But, as in shows like The New Normal, you can send a message and make it funny. From what I’m hearing Sean Saves The World doesn’t even manage to do that.
I mean, why have a gay character if you’re not going to address the fact that he’s gay?

David Stern, NBA Commissioner, denouncing the new President of the IOC and the organization for not stepping up against human rights abuses.
“I’m gonna behave myself, for the record here, which is unlike me, but you know, the first phone call to the new head of the Olympics [was] from President [Vladimir] Putin, and everyone wants to talk about the Russian law on homosexuality. Think about the opportunities that sports have to make a continuing statement, and the only thing that we’re saying in that context is ‘Shhhh! No one say anything!’”

Sports are one of those things that are universal around the world, and sports can make a great impact on what’s happening in Russia if the athletes, the leagues, the managers, speak up.

Phyllis Schlafly, calling for the government to end all funding for, well, everybody and everything:
"We must shame and cut off taxpayers' money from the groups that killed the American family, including feminists, judges, legislators, public school teachers and administrators, so-called child protection agencies, professors, psychologists, college courses, government handouts and Democratic politicians who want big-government spending in order to win votes. The problem cannot be remedied by prohibiting same-sex marriage (even by a constitutional amendment) or by telling men to 'man up.'“

All I can think of to say is: “What a delusional, ridiculously stupid, Pat Robertson-in-a-dress-and-a-fright-wig, out-of-date, relic from the 50s.”
Oh, and I’d add, “Shut the f**k up.”

Gilles Marini, on if he would ever lie to help a famous gay friend stay closeted:
"We're in 2013. I think it's very uncool to be in the closet nowadays. I never was a witness in any wedding in my life, and the first time I was a witness in a wedding in my life was for my dear friends Philippe and David — same-sex couple — and I think it was fantastic. Don't stay in the closet. You'll only hurt your heart and, down the line, probably your family. They need to know the truth about what you like and what you want in life."

Word. From a hot guy.

Cher, on turning down an invitation to perform at the Sochi Games:
“I can’t name names but my friend called who is a big oligarch over there, and asked me if I’d like to be an ambassador for the Olympics and open the show. I immediately said no. I want to know why all of this gay hate just exploded over there. He said the Russian people don’t feel the way the government does.”

Seriously? In 2013 there’s a person in the world that thinks Cher … CHER … would perform for an anti-gay country like Russia.
Now, if they’d asked JLo and the check was big enough ….

Rachel Maddow, on the sudden crush that conservatives and anti-gay "pro-family" groups have on Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"It’s one thing for the right to fall in love with its own politicians, to make Reagan a saint, Sarah Palin their own collective girlfriend, but the president of Russia, he is not that into you. Seriously, I know you guys hate President Obama, so it feels good to have a man-crush on somebody else, but this guy is the president of Russia. Zip it up, you guys, seriously. Have some respect."

It’s that conservative rightwingnut racism at work again. Putin and Obama have issues so the GOP falls all over themselves to align themselves with the leader of a country which seeks to punish people for being gay.
Remember that the next time you vote.

Bill Maher, on the GOP and their battle against all things Obama, including First Lady Michelle Obama’s programs to have kids eat healthy and drink more water:
"I saw in the news that Michelle Obama has a new program. You know she tried to get kids to eat better and Republicans were against that. And now she wants people to hydrate more, I’m not kidding, she says ‘Drink more water.’ I think this is a test to see if the Republicans will come out against water. That’s not water, that’s socialism juice!"

Apparently, the blowhards are already speaking out. Rush Limbaugh, who never met a chain of McDonalds that he didn’t want to eat and then wash down with illegally prescribed medications, while calling the First Lady “Moochelle” says, "We have real trouble, real problems in this country and around the world. What is this push to drink more water?  Now, we know that Bloomberg doesn't want people drink sweetened soft drinks, limiting the size to 16 ounces.  I'll tell you what I think it is.  I think there's an all-out assault on soda pop, soft drinks."
Funny how the fattest man on Earth, with a head filled with cheese and a gut stuffed with lard, can call the First Lady of the country a derogatory term.
Imagine if a liberal journalist had done the same to Laura Bush.

Isaiah Washington, former Grey's Anatomy co-star, on returning to acting and his claim that "an agenda" ruined his career following those anti-gay remarks — he called co-star TR Knight, a ‘fag’ — he made in 2007:
"I didn't have a choice. After the incident at the Golden Globes everything just fell apart. It literally stopped. Whatever the agenda, whatever the plan was it worked. I lost everything. I couldn't afford to have an agent. I couldn't afford to have a publicist for the crisis management to continue. I couldn't afford to continue. I went from 2 million dollars a year to residual checks. Zero. I couldn't get another apartment after I turned in my lease for my $3 million home. I had to put it in my wife's name. No one wanted to touch the name of Isaiah Washington for three years."

And it’s all someone else’s fault, eh, Isaiah? Then why did you apologize if you never said it? And why wait three years to expose this “agenda”?
The fact is, you made a mistake and called someone by a derogatory name, and people, in the industry stopped wanting to work with you. I’d hoped you would have learned from your mistake but you’ve gone back to the lie that it never happened.


the dogs' mother said...

Abby says, 'slurp more water, eat more kittens!'

Huntress aka R.J. said...

And yet Isaiah Washington still doesn't sound remorseful for what he said after going through all that. THAT is why no one wants to do anything associated with him.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

The great irony that I have over the Putin mancrush thing is that the "Reagan Right" hated Communism. Communists in the USSR was the reason we had to sink tens of billions of dollars into the "Star Wars" defense. And even after the USSR fell, the big bugaboo became the SOICIALISTS who couldn't be trusted.

Now comes a man created by the USSR, who has all the charm of Stalin and the Conservative right thinks he's just the best. He's a strong man, and they love that. But he speaks to their desire to control power over every with a very small, very power group of ethnically pure people and everyone else, be damned.

I guess this is where can officially say that Conservatives have become the thing that they hate the most. Their own enemy.

anne marie in philly said...

Phyllis Schlafly - why isn't she dead yet? what an asshat!

bill maher is right on, as always.

and isaiah washington is a poison douchebag.

Ron said...

What is Sean Hayes problem with being gay? He's always running away or downplaying the fact the he is gay. What? He wants to be s SERIOUS ACTOR? Sean, get real. The best thing a actor can do, who just happens to be gay, is be himself. Frankly I find Sean tiring with all his twisted rationalizations to deflect the fact the he IS GAY.

Ron said...

i LOVE Cher! Always have, always will. Jo Lo? Not for nothing she has a big ass.

Ron said...

Phyllis Schlafly is still alive? I thought she died of electro shock therapy when her gay son came out of the closet.