Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Thing He Lives In Florida Where Flip-Flops Are In Fashion

Kendrick Meek, the Democrat running against Republican, oops, no, make that Independent, Charlie Crist for the Florida US Senate seat, is saying that Crist's sudden about-face on LGBT issues is “too little, too late.” Meek is continuing to hammer Crist for his flip-flop, and accusing Charlie "So not gay" Crist of being willing to say anything to win election as a senator.

But if he'll do anything and say anything, doesn't that make him a Republican?

For the record, Charlie Crist, until recently, has been a lifelong, conservative Republican who has fought against every Democratic value, and against every issue regarding the LGBT community. Now, however, Crist has apparently changed his mind [read: flip-flop] and supports a wide array of LGBT issues, like the repeal of DADT, and ENDA. Supposedly, Crist will outline his new position this week, just in time for the election.

So, responding to Charlie Crist's sudden about-face, the Meek campaign is reiterating it position that they have long stood with, by and for, the LGBT while Charlie Crist has consistently--until now--opposed us.

The Meek campaign reminds us, and especially the voters in Florida, that Crist has long supported DADT until earlier this year, after announcing his bid as an Independent candidate for the Senate. Crist also has been a longtime supporter of Amendment 2 in Florida, which bans same-sex marriage and marriage-like unions in the state.

Kendrick Meek, on the other hand, was the co-sponsor of legislation that sought to repeal DADT, fought against Amendment 2 when it came before Florida voters in 2008, and voted for a version of ENDA in 2007.

So, Florida, who you gonna believe? The guy who has stood with the LGBT community for his entire political career, or the guy who stood against until the last few minutes. If Charlie Crist has actually been enlightened to gay issues and causes, how come it only happened when he was in a three-way race for Senate and not any time before?

It happened now because Charlie Crist will do anything and say anything and pretend anything to get elected. And that's the last kind of politician we need in Washington.


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Late last night Queerty found a four-year-old mailer Crist sent out attacking a Dem candidate's pro-gay stance on issues. What a despicable man!