Saturday, December 07, 2019

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

In 2005, Jamie Foxx was nominated for Best Actor for Ray, spoiler alert … he won … and also for Best Supporting Actor for Collateral, spoiler alert … he lost. And it appears that Foxx’s double nominations came as a surprise to Oliver Stone because in 1999, Stone thought Foxx couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper sack. And we know it’s true, because it’s Foxx telling the story:
“I remember Oliver Stone, when I first auditioned [for Any Given Sunday], he was like, “You’re horrible.” And I was like, “What?” He was like, “Just get the fuck out of here.” As I’m walking out, he said, “Jamie Foxx, slave to television.”
And yet Jamie seems to have appreciated Stone’s critique because he learned from it … though he doesn’t say how. But as we have learned from the past, Foxx received good reviews for Any Given Sunday and proved he could really act by spending five years acting like he wasn’t dating his Collateral co-star, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes.

He should’a at least been nominated for something for that role.
Mohamed Hadid, father of models Bella and Gigi Hadid, ex-husband of former RHoBH “star” Yolanda Hadid Foster, is ALLEGEDLY bankrupt.

Or not. Hadid  did file bankruptcy papers, but they were for his construction company, 901 Strada LLC, after he was ordered by an :A judge to tear down what he calls Starship Enterprise, a ridiculous half-built 30,000square foot mansion he’s been building in Bel Air for seven years because the multi-million dollar manse is not up to code, was illegally built and, according to neighbors, a “danger to the community.”

And it’s hideous. I would have ordered it torn down on looks alone.
Gabrielle Union was recently fired from America’s Got Talent amid rumors that she had complained about workplace racial issues she witnessed, including racist jokes and sexist remarks.

Now, NBC, home of AGT, and former home of pervert Matt Lauer, is in  damage control mode, releasing a joint statement with AGT, Simon Cowell‘s Syco Entertainment and NBC’s Freemantle defending themselves which has only fanned the flames of ALLEGED stories.

There was a story about Jay Leno making a joke about Koreans eating dogs on camera, which was cut. There were stories about Gabrielle being told her hair was “too black”—whatever that means—and fellow AGT judge Julianne Hough getting notes about her looks. There was also a claim that Gabrielle was labeled “difficult” when she complained that Simon’s smoking inside bothered her since she’s allergic to cigarette smoke. The joint statement by Cowell and the show make no mention of any of this, but instead say that everyone involved in the show is “committed” to a “respectful workplace.” They also claim that they’re working with Gabrielle’s people about her complaints.

As in paying her off so she’ll stop talking? Hint: she won’t. And she shouldn’t.
SNL comic, and standup comedian, Pete Davidson is asking his fans to sign a non-disclosure agreement before seeing his stand-up shows, and if an audience member breaks that signed NDA by Tweeting or Instagramming opinions about the show, they can be sued for $1 million.

Seriously? Pete Davidson thinks he can sue someone for posting an opinion? The idea that he thinks that is the funniest thing he’s ever done.
Now, for those of you concerned with Tanning Your Butthole ...

Don’t. Apparently the sun doesn’t treat a naked sphincter too kindly. Just ask actor Josh Brolin who claimed he was butt fucked by the sun’s rays and now his hole is on fire. Josh wrote on Instagram last week that he spread his cheeks in the wild to sunbathe his asshole and it now felt he’d been fingered by a molten curling iron.

And I’ve officially heard everything …at least until next week?


Blobby said...

I do NOT understand Pete Davidson. Not the NDA, but his choice of career. He isn't funny. And while he can't be blamed for it - but he is creepy looking too. I have my own thoughts about Josh Brolin's butthole...........but those are my own and private.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

WTF, Josh Brolin?

Deedles said...

I had some pithy (I repeat, "pithy") thoughts about all of this until I got to Josh Brolin. I now don't remember what came before. Josh, baby, all tanning is unhealthy, butt why would you subject your most private of rosebud puckerings (way too many m/m romance novels) to this kind of torture? Why share this with the world? I know I'm a fine one to talk about having no filter and oversharing, but really man!
Bob, you and Carlos enjoy your weekend with the errant Queen Consuelo. Hugs.

anne marie in philly said...

pete d is an asshole, as is josh brolin.
mister hadid's house, and his kids, and him, are ALL fugly!

Helen Lashbrook said...

glad to see that Consuelo is once again queen of the ranch

I can only imagine that JB is at the very least mildly deranged as is Peter Davidson; I agree with Blobby about Davidson's inability to be funny

and as for that concrete dump on a Californian hill - what a waste of building material

the dogs' mother said...

ak! That 'house'!

Mistress Maddie said...

With exception to Union, these people aren't totally useless....they do after all serve as bad examples.

Dave R said...

Josh.... how stupid can one man be? Maybe he thought it wasn't tan enough.