Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tube Talk

Well, I was happy that Glee returned to its original self after what I thought was a disastrous all-Britney episode. Last week was no story, just a hodgepodge of "takes" on Britney tunes. But this week, there was heart and story and song, and, well, Glee-fulness. Chris Kurt Colfer's "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" still gets me weepy, and I think it's one of the best songs yet done on the show, followed closely by Amber Mercedes Riley's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water."
I'm glad Glee is back to Glee, and I hope some of these VSP's--Very Special Episodes--are more clearly thought out.

Oh, and speaking of travesties, how about LOGO's The A-List? What a gay trainwreck, and I don't mean that in a good way. This bunch of whiny, self-indulgent, self-absorbed, bitchy, catty, queeny, over-worked, over-wrought, drama-infused homos almost made me turn in my gay card and start taking another look at the ladies.
Okay, maybe not, but let's be queer, I can be whiny, self-indulgent, self-absorbed, bitchy, catty, queeny, over-worked, over-wrought, and drama-infused. Just not all of that at the same time.
Plus, the A list? The only A I got from the show was A-hole.

Top Chef: Just Desserts: The Seth Show came to a crashing halt over, and I'm still confused about this, paper cups.
See, apparently Drama Queen Seth brought paper cups from home to use on the show and was told he couldn't, so he threw them out. Then, I think he was told he could use them on the Ice Cream Quickfire, but since they were garbage, he decided that the show, the producers, and the other dessertestants were against him.
There was fuming and raging and crying about paper cups, that was so bad, it made me forget the entire The redhots are for my mommy debacle of a couple of weeks back. Then there was fainting and sirens and and anxiety attacks.
Then there was no more Seth. Gone. Poof.
Heather C came back, and she is just a joy [/sarcasm]. If morose had a picture it would look like Heather C.
Heather H took the Seth Bitch Spot and railed against Morgan because he won doing one dessert and she didn't win and did a dessert and a showpiece.
Then Malika took herself out of the competition because she missed her kids, or she wasn't that good, or she lost the joy of cooking.
Who knew that Cake Bakers and Pastry Baggers could be such bitches?
This is my kind of trainwreck.

Law & Order: SVU.
I love this show. But I don't know if I love it because I wanna be Mariska Hargitay, or if it's because I wanna do Christopher Meloni.
Okay, I know why.


froggy said...

I don't get the line about missing her kids - she doesn't get to go home - she goes to the Stew Apartment. Do they think that *we* think that they flew in HeatherC on a military jet that fast to replace Seth? Once upon a time they had some bonus footage up about fun and games in the land of the Aufed.
So she just couldn't cut it - which is fine - very few of us could thrive in the reality tv universe.

Cubby said...

I agree with you completely about Glee. Last week was a total abortion (may I use that word?) and the writers need to be publicly identified and beaten.

This week's show was much better. At first I thought they were nuts for delving into theism and atheism, but they actually did a good job with it and impressed me.

Has anyone caught onto the fact that the character Britney (one of the cheerleaders) is lesbian? I suspect she'll be coming to terms with it over the course of the season.

Deep Dish said...

I also agree with you about last week and this week's Glee. What a difference a week makes. Also, in reference to Cubby's comment about Brittany the cheerleader, she and Santana have made no secret of their sexual relationship - I think they're both bisexual.

Mad Professah said...

Agreed with you about the Britney episode of Glee. I'm a week behind but that episode was an abomination. My husband has given up on the show and refuses to watch any more of it.

Is anyone still watching Desperate Housewives? I just took it out of my DVR.

I most definitely feel you on Chris Meloni but still would not stoop to watch an entire episode of SVU to get my fix.

Is anyone watching NBC's The Event or Undercovers? I'm trying to find a replacement for Lost.


R.J. said...

I didn't think the Britney episode was that bad. The first two numbers were pretty hot but I wonder if they were meant for the casual viewer to reel them in?

This week's episode was easily one of the best if not the best Glee episode yet. I'm glad my cable operator now has it available to view again on OnDemand for the next few weeks because I'll likely watch it again soon.

I never intended to tune in to the A-List and after the Queerty review I'm glad I didn't. All of these queens are stereotypical and I mean like stock characters you'd find on mainstream TV shows. And I thought Gossip Queens was the worst TV show Logo debuted this season...

Sean said...

Can we talk about Top Chef: Just Desserts? Morgan let two very interesting facts be know - that he is no longer married and that he LOVES shoes!