Thursday, April 25, 2019


I’m still nursing my side after my tumble out of bed and so one night I decided to sleep on the couch so I could try sleeping on my back in a more stationary position.

It worked well, except all three cats opted to crowd me on the sofa, while Other Daddy got a king-size bed all to himself.

And as I was readying my Couch Nest, Carlos asked if I wanted him to move the coffee table; I said it was fine.
“But it’s glass. That would really be bad if you fell off the couch and through that.”
The pain in my side is a reminder to punish him when I’m better.

The couch was nice for a couple of nights, but then I created a Bed Nest for me, and so I slept in our bed again. It worked very well except for the continuing Dream-On-A-Loop where I was falling out of bed, screaming, “Not again!”

Lastly, this morning he was making coffee and he muttered something about doing a ‘half-assed job,’ and I reminded him that it wasn't so bad because he usually does a ‘quarter-assed’ job.

Laughing hurts my sides.
Matt Gaetz, a rabid ______ butt bot and Florida Republican congressman, has hired a speechwriter whose ties to white supremacists were too embarrassing even for the _____ administration.

Gaetz, a complete moron, announced that he was “very proud” to have Dr. Darren Beattie as his Special Advisor for Speechwriting, even knowing that Beattie was fired by the _____ administration in 2018 after his ties to white supremacists were revealed by CNN.

But, hey, he’s a _____ Republican, so it’s gotta be white and it’s gotta be hate.
I’m not saying this means anything, but a photo from the 2000 St. Joseph’s High School yearbook shows an even younger, then senior, Pete Buttigieg being dubbed “Most likely to be President.”

Carry on.
This week, after a group of employees told Bethany Christian Services they would walk out of the job unless their policy of denying LGBTQ people the right to foster or adopt children, was changed, the group announced it was changing their policy.

Take a stand, and see what happens.
This week an Illinois police officer pulled over a black man because his license plates were expired. The man, Ka’shawn Baldwin, told Officer Roger Gemoules that he was headed to a job interview, so he could make some money and pay for new tags.

Then it happened … Officer Gemoules told Baldwin he could not drive the car on expired plates and then gave the man a ride to his interview.

Gemoules said he was just trying to show that police officers are real people too:
“With everything that’s been going on recently in the community around here, police get a really bad rap.”
Baldwin, for his part, was stunned:
“Normally cops, where I’m from, they don’t really do stuff like that. It meant everything. It brought my spirits up.”
Baldwin and Gemoules hope to stay in touch, even with Baldwin getting the job after Gemoules gave him a lift.

Over there to Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has said he plans to name a Golan Heights town after _____.

I imagine soon after, the town becomes a ghost town.

Meanwhile, I have named my ant farm ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’.
In the My God Does This Man Have No Shame file, Iowa’s racist Republican Congressman Steve King says that the censure he faced earlier this year over controversial statements about white nationalism gave him a better understanding to the suffering of Jesus Christ.

Yes, he believes that being called out for his racist, white supremacist speech is akin to what was done to Jesus.

Fuck off, Stevie, you’re the least Christ-like person on the planet.
Resistance at work … California, Nevada, Washington State, Oregon, and New Mexico will continue to let transgender troops serve in the National Guard. All 50 states—and four U.S. territories—have their own National Guard units that are primarily under gubernatorial control and that chain of command could allow individual governors to challenge—or at least test the limits of—_____]s new anti-trans policy.

The march goes on …
Back to the Fall … I spent most of Saturday in a chair with a heating pad, so I watched a couple of movies. The first was The Catcher was a Spy with Paul Rudd, middle, as Jewish ballplayer, closeted homosexual and WWII spy Moe Berg. Rudd is just so darned cute, even in this drama, Plus, it also starred Mark Strong, top,  as German theoretical physicist  Werner Heisenberg .Strong is a balding man, and an attractive one at that, but in this film he wore a hair-piece; still, though, hot.

Speaking of attractive bald men, I also watched Submission, the story of a college professor who becomes obsessed with a student. The deliciously adorable Stanley Tucci played the professor and I learned, through the pause, rewind, replay feature on the DVR, that he has an amazing ass. It was a brief shot, and although they gave Stanley hair in the film, the Tucci Tuchus more than made up for that.

Here’s Strong and Tucci with hair; I find them hotter as bald men..


the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) :-)
I love that Pete Buttigieg was picked
as most likely to become President in
high school.

Deedles said...

(Carlos) (Bob) (Furbabies), I'm in a hugging mood this morning. Paul Rudd, *SIGH*. Stanley Tucci is sooo fine no matter what's on or off of his head! The man oozes sex appeal. Loved his Puck. I'm sorry, but what was the rest of this post about? :)

JP said...

I do love a bald Mark Strong.
By the way you’re mean to Carlos.

brewella deville said...

Moe Bergs's life was incredible and I don't know if Paul Rudd looks anything like him, but he definitely has the just charming enough average guy stuff Berg must have had to accomplish what he did. And I agree with you about the bald thing.

Jennifer said...

I like balding men too.

Be nice to Carlos...he clearly has a lot to deal with! :)

Dave R said...

Carlos was right, you might cut yourself if you crashed through that table.

I am now fairly certain Matt Gaetz is Steve Kings illegitimate son.

Something interesting about Mark Strong, not only can he act, he can sing as well.

Sadie J said...

Nice collection. I especially love the Tweet of the Week! (glad you're feeling better)

anne marie in philly said...

that ending tweet! and you and carlos are still in love.

Bob said...

Of course we are; even when we drive one another crazy, there's love!

Raybeard said...

Stanley Tucci - the man ever with 'quiet charisma' - and it shows!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Oooh. Carlos can dish it out, too! Stanley Tucchus. I like it!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Stanley Tucci certainly looks better without the rug - have you seen him in Conspiracy? He's appealing even when playing Adolf Eichmann

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Carlos and I NEED to have a kiki. For real.
Buttigieg has got it. I hope he's our VP. He won't be the president, but he NEEDS to be in Washington.
Matt Gaez probably smells like Axe body spray and three day old Taco Bell burritos.
Steve King is Agolf Twilttler's spirit animal.
Trans brothers and sisters need us now!


latetotheparty said...

Ooh, Mark Strong AND Stanley Tucci? Those are two things I must put in my eyeballs.