Thursday, July 19, 2018


July 27, 2016, _____, campaigning for the presidency:
"Russia, if you're listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing."
That same day, Russian operatives targeted Clinton campaign emails "for the first time."

That’s all.
Now for some funny _____ … have you heard about the Fuck You _____ Brooch Play by Queen Elizabeth? I mean, we all know she barely gave him a minute, but she also showed, and shared her disdain for the man in her jewelry choices.

We know that the Queen cares about the details, and how symbolism is in the details. But maybe, maybe, the Queen was also being a little shady …. See, on the day _____ arrived in the UK, QEII wore a beautiful vintage green flower brooch—which just so happened to be a gift to her from former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Then, on _____’s last day in the UK, the Queen donned the Sapphire Jubilee Brooch— iven to her just last year as a special gift from Canada in what some see as a show of support for Canada and Justin Trudeau, who has suffered constant criticism from _____.

And there’s more …. royal-level state dinners are at invitation of the head of state, and normally Queen Elizabeth offers the invitation, but this time she did not. In addition, the dinner was held at Blenheim, the only actual palace in England not owned by the Anglican Church or the Royal Family.

Basically, Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t allow Don and Melanie in her house.

Fans of Downton Abbey—and, yeah, that’s me—can rejoice: a feature film of the hugely successful TV series has been confirmed after much speculation and the original cast, all of them … at least the ones who didn’t die during the series … will return.

The Dowager Countess on the big screen? I’m in.
Vice President Mike “I’m Not Gay” Pence grew up in Columbus, Indiana, where his father built an empire of some 200 gas stations under the Kiel Bros. Oil Co. banner.

In 2004, that company collapsed and now Pence’s beloved Indiana—and Kentucky and Illinois—are on the hook for millions of dollars to clean up more than 85 contaminated sites in those states, including underground tanks that leaked toxic chemicals into soil, streams and wells.

If Pence can do that to Indiana and just walk away, what would he do to America if he ever took charge?

Impeach _____, then impeach Pence.
Ryan Murphy’s NYC ball scene series Pose has been renewed for Season 2; the show made history by assembling the largest transgender cast and crew of any show ever.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty good, both at the balls and the look back at the early days of AIDS in this country, as well as the coming out experience, and the need for many in our community to create their own families.
Oh Deplorables, looks like your man is gonna cost you more coins for those hideous hats.

Those tariffs _____ imposed on products could double the price of the MAGA hats.

Still, that wouldn’t have happened if the hats were Made in America.

And please, Deplorables, note the irony of a Make America Great Again hat made in China.

I mean, if Deplorables could read …
In Racism Valet News… Camilla Hudson wanted to use a manufacturer’s coupon at CVS in Chicago last weekend, but the manager, who said he’d never seen such a coupon before, called the police on her.

Yes. He did. The manager, identified as Morry Matson, a Republican running for 48th Ward alderman.

Yes. He is. Now add that to the list of things black people in America cannot do in the Age of _____: redeem a coupon.

PS Matson is a gay man, so, you know, I’d like the Toaster Oven and copy of the Gay Agenda returned to HOMO HQ.

PPS He’s been fired!
My Husband In My Head, Armie Hammer was on The Late Show to chat with Stephen Colbert about his new Broadway play, Straight White Men, and the chat turned, as it should, to Call Me By Your Name. And Armie told Colbert that fans keep giving him peaches because, in the film, Armie, um, pleasures himself with a peach.

Lucky fruit.

Anyway, Hammer says nearly every night as he leaves the theater he gets handed at least one peach to autograph. He says most people don’t intend to eat the peaches, or use them the way they do in the film, but he says the fans say they’re going to “put that peach on a shelf…and in ten days it’s going to putrefy and their entire place it’s going to be full of fruit flies.”

Colbert remarked that it might be like an art installation, to which Hammer replied:
“Yeah. Watch it wither like Donald Trump’s presidency.”
Hot. Tall. Hot. And he hates _____? I couldn’t be more turned on by him.

Just sayin’.

Plus, any chance to show a photo of Armie ...especially with his shirt off.

Cal Poly has rescinded the wrestling scholarship of Bronson Harmon, according to a school Athletic Director Don Oberhelman. Oberhelman did not comment on the reason Harmon’s scholarship was revoked, but the move came just three days after video surfaced of Harmon yelling a “Fuck you faggot” and offering an obscene gesture at a participant of the Families Belong Together March in Modesto.

Harmon can be seen in one video walking with his father Todd Harmon and a friend carrying a sign that reads “Donald Trump 2020”. Earlier in the video, Todd Harmon can be heard yelling “Send them back!” as he walks down the street.

Harmon now says:
“Saying what I said is definitely not the right thing. I am supposed to be there to help the community, be the best person I can be and represent the college the best way I can, but I still feel like my freedom of speech was taken away and I don’t think my scholarship should have been revoked over something like that.”
Honey, you have the right to Free Speech and the school has the right to end your scholarship because your speech is offensive, homophobic, hate-filled and stupid. But then you racist Daddy taught you well.

Good luck at community college, dick.
I was struck by several hot men of late … first up, top left, is Ramon Rodrigues who plays Allison’s new love interest, Ben Cruz in Showtime’s The Affair; hot Latino? You know it. 

Then there’s Ross Lynch, top right, who played Jeffrey Dahmer, in My Friend Dahmer; I don’t usually find serial killers hot, but this guy, well, he didn’t really kill anyone.

Bottom right is Taron Egerton, from the Kingsman movies; he plays a young lad, but he’s older and hotter with a rockin’ bod; plus, British and stuff. 

Lastly, whilst perusing HGTV, I came across Brett Phillips, bottom left, who has a show called Home to Last with his wife; I was able to ignore her and concentrate on this hot pocket man.

You know how I am.


the dogs' mother said...

The tweet - chortle! :-)

Deedles said...

I am right on the cusp (don't really know what a cusp is, but it seems right) of worrying about being black while black.

Wanda Sykes is a national treasure but that mouth can put Anne Marie to shame!

Armie Hammer. I don't care if his acting is a bit wooden, he sure is purdy!

Helen Lashbrook said...

We were told that the queen wore an amethyst brooch when the odd couple arrived (I gather that Trumpelstiltskin now claims his dad was German). And I think it only counts as a state dinner if the queen is present which she definitely wasn't at the Blenheim fiasco
A bit of history - Blenheim (as it is called around here) was a royal palace. Woodstock Palace used as a hunting lodge for hundreds of years; it is where Princess Elizabeth (later the first of that name to reign) was held for a time while imprisoned by her sister Mary. The land was given to John Churchill, generalissimo of Queen Anne's armies after too much winning in (I think) the Seven Years War (or one of the many other wars fought around that time).

And who would want Donnie baby and Melanie in their house? He'd probably nick all the gold statues, or try to at least

Kirk said...

Re: Matson.

It wasn't that long ago that anything LGBTQ was illegal. The idiot should know you don't cherry pick civil liberties.

mistress maddie said...

Three snaps to the Queen!!!!! Nothing like a classy, understated, classy fuck you to Trump.

I love Pose. So well done....and it's worth watching the snark and bitchy one liners of Elektra Abundance alone. Not that I have ANYTHING in common with her childern.

Now get mother another drink.

Ahhhhh Armie Hammer..........

brewella deville said...

The best the little racist could get was a wrestling scholarship to Cal Poly Modesto? Let's be honest, that dim bulb will struggle for about six years at Fresno CC before dropping out without even earning an AA in communications.

anne marie in philly said...

@deedles - I dunno, mouth is pretty damn bad...

ARMIE HAMMER!!!!! (drools)

the racist deserves NOTHING! hope he never gets a job!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh yes, the Queen often sends subtle messages via her jewelry and even clothing style/colour choices. And NO, I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat. It's true!

Dave R said...

What was Deedles saying about Armie Hammer and wood??

You gotta love the Queen

Mike who?

Deplorables don't care if the hats are made in China, they only buy one... for life, and where it even after it's all dirty, stinky, sweaty, and shit stained.

So, Harmon has learned that colleges have sets of standards when it comes to students, but it will still be the colleges fault... all he was trying to was help make America great again.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I love when you bobservate... bobserve?