Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Modern Wood and Stone Home

This home, in the eastern suburbs of Athens, was built using the local stone and wood from the mountainous region of Pikermi—named Drafi in Greek; it covers some 3700 square feet on several levels that take advantage of the fantastic views.

The idea behind the house was to create a structure that utterly blends in with its natural surrounding environment and maintains the extensive pine forest that surrounds the home. It is comprised of two distinct blocks—one facing north and the other facing west—that sit on different levels. They come together in the middle, with a wedge-shaped volume that forms the entrance, as well as a vertical circulation that leads to the main spaces of the home.

The exterior is stone and wood and huge expanses of glass that frame the landscape, as well as the pool. When one enters the home, the first thing you notice are the massive stone walls crowned by a wooden ceiling.

That main room, with a fireplace, dining and kitchen, are created to enjoy the views of the pool and the mountains; views that change as you rise through the house to bedrooms and bathrooms.

It’s a home made from local materials, and yet celebrates saving those materials in the landscape. It’s a perfectly natural getaway.


the dogs' mother said...

Very enjoyable house. :-)

mistress maddie said...

Now you know I love me lots of texture, and wood with stone, white with I am BEYOND in love with this one. Love the use of space, and the staircase, plus the windows aren't to overwhelming.

And if it comes with two or three Greek sailors...even better darling.

Bob Slatten said...

I was thinking a Greek Sailor should be included!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I’ll take the closet... and a Greek sailor... or another seamen.