Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Cielomar

I love a house with a gorgeous view; one where you can stand outside and see the ocean or lake or forest, or even a great cityscape. But I really love a house that is a good view and Cielomar is that kind of house. Where you can stand outside and the house is the view.

Cielomar—a combination of two Spanish words meaning Heaven and sea—is on the Papagayo Peninsula in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, where the sun and the temperature practically beg you to spend time outside each day.

From the approach the house seems simple; interesting, but simple. The house is made up of one long, straight corridor and built off from there is a unique curving structure. While the front seems quite shy, and private, the back of the home is covered in glass, to bring the views into the home.

Walk through the front door and there are two curving hallways going off to you left and right, but it’s the path in front that takes your breath away; I call it ‘the plank’ and you walk it through the house to above the edge of the pool deck and that view.

The infinity pool, the sun deck, the open areas, the plank, from which you can dive into the pool; the living room, without walls, the dining area tucked under the plank; a chef’s kitchen, a gorgeous bathroom.

Everywhere you look, a view.

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Mark in DE said...


mistress maddie said...

Now as modern as this is...I LOVE IT!!!! You know I love me wood and white feel clean, chic, and cool. The layout is excellent. And me being as outdoosrsy person, I'd be living on the deck and poolside tootes.

Nice choice this week. And Costa Rica!!!! I just found out I may be going there per Warbucks today!!!!!!!

the dogs' mother said...

The pool and the view beyond - amazing!

Toni said...

Sign me up! Typically, I would think 'too sterile' because of the lack of art and color in the house. In this case, the house and the view are the art!

Mitchell is Moving said...

OK. This one just might do it for me. Will they ship it to Spain, do you think? I really don't want to move to Costa Rica at this point.