Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Casa O'

Carlos was born and raised in Mexico City, and speaks fondly of the city, and loves seeing how the city looks today, but he has no intention of going back there to live; ever. Even when I find something like this and ask him if he could live there.


This is Casa O’, a home designed by Despacho Arquitectos HV in 2016. It’s a big house, with bold and beautiful gardens that remind me or a private resort, and who wouldn’t want to live there.

Um, Carlos.

Located behind a stone wall in Mexico City, Casa O’ has many things to love:  a gorgeous patio complete with a lounge area and fire pit; tropical plants and green lawns and balconies and terraces; and inside, floor to ceiling shelves in several rooms to hold books, art, records, and more books, and seating perfect upon which to curl up with a good book or a pleasant tune.

But, you know, if books ain’t yo thang, follow one of the glass walled hallways or staircases until you find the television room, the bar … the bar, part gentlemen’s room and part wine bar … the kitchen with its garden views, a patio, a bedroom, a bathroom with a view.

It’s perfect, it’s private, it’s lush, I’m a lush, and Carlos still says, “No.”

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mistress maddie said...

Where do I sign?????? The courtyard alone sold me. The overall design inside got me too.

the dogs' mother said...

Loves the library!

jadedj said...

I love Mexico City...and I love this house.The books...the foliage...the wine.

Do you know when it was built?

Helen Lashbrook said...

Love the gardens, the books....there's enough room here for all my tomes

Here's an idea Bob, buy it and then ship the whole bloomin' thing to Smalltown and have it rebuilt! Go on, you know you can afford it....just for Carlos.

Mitchell is Moving said...

And those gardens! Oh, Carlos. If only he had shown an interest, I would have bought it for you.

Anonymous said...

The patio is gorgeous - love the “floating” light fixture.