Wednesday, February 01, 2017

My Two Cents: Continue Aggravating Hair Furor

I’m thinking that the Fake President ... the Alternative President ... Hair Furor ... is doing all these hate-filled, anti-women, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-media, anti-Constitutional things because he’s pissed that we all didn’t jump on board for his coronation.

Sure, he knew some of us wouldn’t vote for him, but did he know that it was actually most of us who voted the other way? And is that why that dead muskrat on his head is so itchy?

I think he’s out to punish anyone who didn’t cast their ballot for him because that’s what spoiled children, juvenile tyrants, and Tiny Fisted Bullies do.

I mean how else do we explain why he and his rabid dog spokes-tools, Spicer and Conway, continue to try and force feed their alternative facts, their lies, about the election and the inauguration; it’s because the tiny man in the Oval is pissy and is still whining about an election that ended three months ago.

He even had a meeting with members of Congress where he, once again, tried to play the election as illegal because some Hillary voters shouldn’t have been voting because they were either dead, illegally here, or registered to vote in more than one place.

Except it turns out that Steve Bannon, his White-Supremacist-In-Chief was registered in two different places and the man he set up to investigate election fraud was registered to vote in three different precincts. Even some of his own children had some shady voter registration issues.

Now, there is no evidence to support _____’s claim that millions voted illegally—there isn’t even evidence to support a claim that hundreds voted illegally. And, think about this, why would Hillary Clinton need three million illegal votes when all she really needed was about 80,000 carefully placed votes in Wisconson to win the White House?

Think about that, Donald.

Recounts in key states have shown no evidence of voter fraud and yet Hair Furor is still fixated on the results of the election because he’s obsessed with the idea that 65,844,610 Americans didn’t vote for him; and that’s not counting the morns who didn’t vote and the morons who did vote for _____ and are now regretting that choice.

He’s a loser, and the numbers show it and he cannot stand it; hence the outbreak of hatred toward just about anyone who might have cast a ballot against him.

This fixation he has with being a clear loser in the election only shows all of us and the world what a petty, narcissistic man he is, so what can we do?

Keep reminding him that he lost; keep reminding him that millions are marching against him; keep reminding him that even some of his supporters are in the throes of regrets.

It’ll keep him off balance and he’ll make some horrendous mistake—though hopefully not one that will cause a war—and then Congress will have no choice but to kick his fat ass to the curb.

So keep up the good work making him feel unworthy of being the President of the United States because he is unworthy, and unqualified and dangerous and insane.

And a loser ... by almost three million votes.


Raybeard said...

I'd like to think that he'll become the self-styled 'Great Unifier' when the entire population of the U.S.A. realises what a catastrophe he is. Unfortunately that's a dream which will never be realised as there are just too many around who'll excuse, even cheer on, EVERY single thing he does.

the dogs' mother said...

I practice a lot of deeeep breathing!

Mark Alexander said...

(a) I think I love you. You are a voice of sanity in these INSANE times we find ourselves in.
(b) I believe the ultimate game plan of the Rs is to use 45 (I won't utter his name either) for all he's worth, and when they've accomplished their goals of rolling back the Social Contract 60 years, there will be a night of long knives and 45 will be out. Pence is terrifying, to be sure, but I don't see him as completely shredding the Constitution or ham-fistedly banging on that big red button to bring about Armageddon. He's a (realtively) known quantity, a villain we've faced—and defeated—many times before. At least that's what I keep telling myself to quiet those thoughts of stepping out into traffic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and this community of lovely people who see the same light and issues we are facing. I am so glad everyone is here.
I just watched a clip of Hair Furor's speech regarding the opening of Black History Month. What a disgrace. I normally cannot listen to his voice nor look at his face, especially when he is talking (I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time). Anyway, his speech was read from a paper for about one small paragraph, nicely worded, then he goes off script, it was all I, I, I, Me, Me, Me. It is all about him. What a narcissistic asshat. When will the sanity return? Mark, I agree with your comment, both (a) and (b).
<3 to all here. Mz Kitty

Bob Slatten said...

Shucks, thanks. I've been called a lot of things, but 'sane' is a rare bird.
Plus, i completely agree with (b). I think the GOP will use him to get their agenda pushed through, but when it looks like his special brand of crazy might cost them their cushy jobs they'll on him faster than anything in history!
And, yes, we can take Pence, any time, anywhere.

@Mz Kitty
Welcome aboard Fellow Resistor!

Dave R said...

I am expecting a terrorist attack from some Saudi Arabia since that's one of his.... special Muslim countries who will no doubt turn out to be dissatisfied Trump associates.

Helen Lashbrook said...

If Bannon's intent is to stage a take-over of the state Nazi-style then he is going the right way about it. His actions mirror very much the actions of the Nazis once they were in power and the Democrats seem to be too apathetic to do anything about it, in case things get worse.

Let me tell you Dems...things WILL get worse whether you oppose him or no; opposition makes a narcissist angry and 'force' him to double down. Failing to oppose his actions makes him think he is right and double down on what he is doing's a no win situation and all you have left will be history books saying that the opposition caved in at this tipping point in history.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Like The Dog's Mother, I've been practicing a lot of deep breathing...