Friday, February 10, 2017

Europe Trolls _____

It all started when _____ said, during his wee inauguration, that he wanted to Make America First ... which was a riff on his make America Great Again campaign mantra. I took it to mean that he wanted to make his bank account first, his businesses first, but Europe had another idea.

Dutch satire show, Zondag met Lubach, created a new, high-larious tourism ad—perfect for Hair Furor—asking for a very simple thing: Make the Netherlands second.


And now others are following suit ...

In Switzerland a show called Deville Late Night put together their own video:


Then Denmark jumped in on their show, Natholdet, and trolled _____’s executive orders and destroying years of environmental policy ...

Germany’s late show Late Night show ZDF jumped on the bandwagon—get to the video at the [01:47] mark—where they openly joked about those pesky two World Wars:

Belgium’s De Ideale Wereld” used _____’s own words to give them the opportunity they’ve been waiting for ... ABBA is Belgian [#FakeNews]:

Then came Portugal’s 5 Para a Meia-Noite who took on America in saying, "We abolished slavery in 1751—more than 100 years before the United States. Deal with it. And consider doing the same in your companies. Well, your sons’ companies.”

And Lithuania, not to be outdone, took on a little something called “conflicts of interest”:

It’s all in good fun—and many other European countries have gotten in on it—until it becomes true and America is no longer first, but is ravaged and destroyed by Hair Furor. But we’re a scrappy lot and when he’s reduced to rubble, er, impeachment, we’ll come back stronger than ever.

And first.



anne marie in philly said...

bwhahahahahahaha! europeans know an asshole when they see one!

the dogs' mother said...

Humor always helps deal with these situations. :-)

Sadie J said...

I'm loving the videos. Nice to know that the rest of the world is laughing-- not at us, but with us (I'm sure).

Mitchell is Moving said...

The videos and comedy surround Hair Furor are all so clever and funny. And I hope we´re laughing with joy very soon.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The Lithuanians and their fellow states around the Baltic are seriously worried about Putin's intentions; and der Trumpenfuhrer could help Putin have his way. What's not to worry about?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

These are all hilarious, but Germany's video takes the cake! "Don't grab Angela Merkel by the pussy -- we're not sure what's down there." Hahahahaha! My Rare One and I have a German-made vibrator that we call Angela, LOL -- oh, too much information?