Thursday, February 02, 2017

America Under Siege: President _____ Shut Down The White House Comments Line ... Here's How To Reach Him

To be fair, there are always people who hate the president and his choices, but this president, hair Furor, seems intent on being the absolute Best Worst President ever.

Get ready to hand over your crown, W.

And worse than his desire to be the very worst, given all the executive orders he’s given in just under two weeks in office, the thing that bothers me the most is that he won’t listen ... unless it’s to White-Supremacist-In-Chief, Steve Bannon, Hellhound Kellyanne Conway, Chief Ass Kisser Reince Priebus, or even Serial Liar Sean Spicer.

But President _____ refuses to listen to We The People, so what can we do?

You could call the White House and make your point, but ... President _____ chose not to re-open the White House Comments line when it was closed during the transition from President Obama to _____.

Yup, you can’t call. And if you try, you are given a recorded message instructing you to leave your comment via the online web form, or message the White House through Facebook. Except ... you can’t actually message the White House via Facebook.

So, if you’re annoyed and angry and bothered and perplexed that the man who told us on January 20th—well the few of you who attended or watched on TV—that he wanted to give the government back to the people and then didn’t, I have learned of a solution ...

Head over to White House Inc. because they have a way to help “the people” and here’s what they say:
“By not divesting himself from his businesses, he’s actually creating satellite White Houses all over the world. That means we have dozens of phone numbers we can use to reach the president and discuss the issues that matter most.”
Yup; just run on over to their website and enter your phone number and email address. You'll be connected to a random _____ property somewhere in the world where you are free to leave your message. If you aren’t clear with what you want to say, or if there is just too much to say, the site also offers a handy list of potential topics you may want to use.

Now, we all know that _____ himself won't actually get any of these calls but the idea is that when we all start making noise and tying up the phone lines at all of his Alternative White Houses, he might just be forced to admit that what he said on inauguration day, and every single day before and after, was a lie.

Give him a call ... he’d love to hear from you.


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the dogs' mother said...

Back in the day, when the tribe was young, we needed some info on the White House (probably for a report). I got on the computer and typed in AK AK AK AK!!!! Was a porn site!! I learned about .gov then.