Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Is What Passes For A Legislator In Montana

Why the people of Montana are not rising up and marching on the state capital with torches and pitchforks is beyond me.

See, one of their “elected” officials — and that would be state Congressman David Moore — is proposing a bill, the Montana House Bill 365 that, if passed, would outlaw:
"Any device, costume, or covering that gives the appearance of or simulates the genitals, pubic hair, anus region, or pubic hair region." 
I know! WTF, right?

Apparently this wingnut — and need I even mention he’s a Republican since this has GOP stank all over it — authored his “anti-stimulation” bill after he bore witness to a group of bicycling nudist riding through Missoula last summer and so now he wants any and all clothing that tickles your bits and pieces to be illegal.

Moore actually held a press conference and told reporters he is fine with citizens being arrested for wearing provocative clothing, but said he hoped law enforcement officers would use discretion on whom to arrest; yeah, let law enforcement decide who the biggest fashion criminal might be.

Moore said, under his bill, tight fitting beige clothing — well, okay, I’m down with a law against beige — would be considered indecent exposure, Speedos would be banned and, quote, “yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway." Perhaps this asshat would prefer to have everyone wear burkas and hoods but, yeah, that’s a little too Middle Eastern; perhaps overalls, two sizes too big.

Seriously, Montanans? Why aren’t you storming the statehouse and demanding that wingnut go home, and stay there? Now, if you’ll excuse me, while I’ve been ranting my sweat pants have made a pass at me and, well, we need to talk.
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story source: NCRM


anne marie in philly said...

WTeverlovinF? he should be arrested on that pix alone! ugly little mofo!

the dogs' mother said...

This cracked me up when I read it.

Frank said...

Maybe just laugh him out of town.

viktor kerney said...

that pic!

Biki Honko said...

it just shows that people could care less about politics and what those loons in state houses and in d.c. are doing as long as they get their $cow fix and whatever else is a popular reality show of the moment.