Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Rayna's House

I’m a sucker for Nashville. Not the city—I have yet to visit there—but the television show. And I’m especially a sucker for Rayna Jaymes’—she’s a country music queen—‘Nashville' house. It’s a blend of French Country, Georgian architecture, rustic and contemporary outside, and fabulously amazing spaces on the inside and, up until recently, it was for sale for 20 million dollars.

The real house — located at 1358 Page Road  in Belle Meade, a hoity-toity Nashville, not ‘Nashville,’ suburb — sits on six acres, had six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 24 rooms in all, in a spacious 20,500 square feet.

The house was built in 1999, yet has the charm on an old Southern estate, with a keeping room — some folks call it a den — off the kitchen, a cigar room, a billiards room, guest house and gardens and an outdoor pool off of one of the largest screened porches I have ever seen.  One of the most amazing features, though, and one I caught a glimpse of in last week’s ‘Nashville’ and caused me to Google search the home, is the front entry hall; it’s 45 feet long from front door to the grand staircase.

It’s a home fit for a country music queen … or just a regular queen.


Linda Pendleton said...

Beautiful home! I love the show Nashville, too. :-)

Biki Honko said...

its like a castle!