Monday, May 09, 2011

Thank You, Sir

"Dogald Trump"
On a recent episode of his "reality" show, Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump made note of how well Meat Loaf cleans up, by saying:

"You know I'm not a gay man. I think gayness is wonderful, frankly, but I'm not a gay man."

 And to that, I say:

"Thank you, sir. The LGBT community thanks you for not being a gay man. We have enough problems without having to explain you."


Prince Toddy English said...

I'm just thankful I'll never have to worry about him buying me a drink.

twunty mcslore said...

If he's not gay, why was he married to a drag queen? Ivana was just a phase?

Wonder Man said...

too much

Mitch Block said...

Love your post! But what an insult to that poor, adorable dog.

robertga99 said...

Hell, we knew he wasn't gay. No gay man would ever have that hair

Joy said...

Many reasons we know he isn't gay.