Wednesday, October 09, 2019

ISBL Asshat[s] of the Week: And It's a two-fer!

First up we have rabid _____ supporter, AKA goose-stepper, Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson, who learned directly from American ambassador Gordon Sondland that _____ was attempting to extort dirt on Joe Biden—his top Democratic opponent—by blackmailing the president of Ukraine in exchange for the release of $400 million in military aid.

Johnson says he confronted _____ on the quid pro quo allegations and _____ denied the facts, so Johnson didn’t pursue it any further.

Trouble is that Senator Johnson serves on the Committee on Foreign Relations, and so he has a fiduciary responsibility to investigate those allegations and chose not to because _____ swore he didn’t do it; Johnson is also the Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, meaning it is literally his job to look into executive branch abuses of power, especially related to military aid to foreign countries.

Huh; and yet Johnson, who is a _____ lapdog did nothing.

Next up is House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who is now, laughably, demanding that Speaker Nancy Pelosi suspend the entire impeachment inquiry until she agrees to a massive list of ultimatums that would effectively give the GOP equal control over the process.

Yes, he wants the GOP in control of impeaching the very man they are terrified of crossing, so they goose-step along with everything he says, every crime he commits.

McCarthy is the same asshat who admitted that House Republicans wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on a two-year Benghazi investigation, with the express purpose of harming Hillary Clinton’s presidential election prospects, and now he demands to be given control over this?

Take a seat lapdog.


the dogs' mother said...

What goes around comes around
and around and around and around.
xoxoxoxoxox :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

I'm very shocked it wasnt a bakers dozen of asshats.

Deedles said...

*SIGH!* So many asses, so few hats.

anne marie in philly said...

keep hammering away, nancy and Ds!

Dave R said...

They're desperately trying to keep away that moment when they American voters slap them shitless.