Thursday, May 16, 2019

Bobservations ... A Series of F-bombs

No Carlos tales today.

His father passed away last Friday night; it wasn’t unexpected, but still. Carlos had the chance to speak with him, forgive him for his lack of understanding at having a gay son; forgive him. Carlos’ mother, now staying with family on the outskirts of Mexico City seems to be faring well; she doesn’t want a funeral; his father was cremated, and the ashes will be quietly interred in a local church.

On the heels of that call, my own father phoned to ask if I could come out to Oregon while he has ankle replacement surgery. Of course, I said yes; it’s family, it’s what you do. But I’ll be gone about five weeks, because he’ll need to be off his foot that long. Carlos and I discussed it—he’ll be home alone because he’s applied for disability and needs to be available as his case progresses. I hate being away that long, but again … family.

You do what you can when you can. And luckily, we can.
John Kelly, having helped establish the _____ administration’s hard-line immigration policies—which he then blamed on Jeff Sessions—like family separation and holding migrant children in private detention facilities, has taken a  seat with the company that operates one of the largest such operations.

Yes, now he’s making money off his racist policies.

Republican, because, of course, Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko showed her anti-trans stripes last week when she put forth an amendment that would rename the Equality Act as the Forfeiting Women’s Rights Act because it includes transgender people.

Out there to California, Cal Poly’s Academic Senate has voted to remove a Chick-fil-A restaurant from its campus in San Luis Obispo, the chain’s only location in the county. The resolution was proposed in light of recent news that the fast food chain’s charity arm, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, continues to give money to anti-LGBTQ organizations and Cal Poly wants no part of hate.

Bravo Cal Poly.

Yesterday, Alabama’s female Governor, Kay Ivey signed a near-total abortion ban, putting in place one of the nation’s most restrictive laws on the procedure and all but guaranteeing legal challenges.

Women who are pregnant as a result of rape cannot get an abortion. Girls who find themselves pregnant through incest, cannot get an abortion. A doctor who performs an abortion can be jailed for ninety-nine years.

While this white female governor signed the bill into law it was written and passed by white GOP men. Vote them all out of office. All.Of.Them.

Fuck.Alabama. Fuck.Ivey.
“God Bless the USA.” It’s not a horrible song, but it’s a song that’s been co-opted by rightwingnuts as a kind of Love It or Leave It moment. Republicans play this song at their fundraisers to show how American they are, and this week one of the contestants on The Voice sang it. And judge Kelly Clarkson said she felt like you can’t critique the song or else you’re going to hell, and told the contestant it wasn’t his best performance. Her fellow judge, John Legend, also said it wasn’t the contestant’s best vocal.

And so, the Faux Patriots crawled form their primal ooze and took to Twitter to say that Kelly and John “hate America” and aren’t “patriots” and “I'm sorry that you and John hate America so much” and will, as Kelly said, “go to hell.”

But Kelly and john never said a word about the song, they only talked about the vocals; even better, Kelly and John didn’t respond to the haters.

Fuck.Faux patriots.

Oh lord, after all the F-bombs, I need this …

Born and raised in Syria, Ahmad Kontar fled the war-torn country for Paris, where in 2016 he was spotted on the street and signed to Elite models.

Those eyes; that face; the abs.

Fuc … oh, yeah, let’s not F-bomb Ahmad. Let’s just relish in him.

Just sayin’.


mistress maddie said...

Almad distracted me....I forgot what I was going to say.

But Carlos home alone. What could possibly go wrong?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

So sorry about Carlos’ dad!
Please tell him that people he doesn’t know send him a hug. You are right. Family is family.
And fuck each and every repug in this country. They’re complicit in all the xenophobia, misogyny, racism and overall fuckery associated with Cheetolini and this administration from hell.
That being said, Ahmar is delicious. Can I haz?


the dogs' mother said...

Blessings and love to both you and
Carlos. Your families are lucky to
have both of you.
Hope all goes well with your Dad.
xoxoxoxo :-)

Dave R said...

Kay Ivey is a failed human being.

God Bless America is a shit song sung by losers who who a desperate for control.

Debbie Lesko knows she's going to be voted out of office which means she'll have more time to attend Weight Watchers.

Sorry to hear about Carlos' father.

I didn't know you could get ankle replacements.

anne marie in philly said...

first, my condolences to carlos and his family. will he be OK home alone with you on the west coast?

second, good luck to your dad; he will soon be pain free.


fourth, I'mma liking the tweets.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Talibama" says it all.

Bob said...

Carlos home alone terrifies me!
He's ecstatic.

Carlos liked the hug!
Ahmad is mine. Sorry =)

Thanks. My Dad's looking forward to a new ankle!

His new ankle will match his new knee!

Thanks. Yeah, we're talking with friends who will check in with him and make sure he gets out of the house, but, man,. five weeks away is gonna be a struggle for me. I need Daily Carlos.

Sad, isn't it?

Jennifer said...

Please give my condolences and kind thoughts to Carlos for him and his family.

And I wish your dad the best of luck with the ankle.

The Alabama thing is infuriating and also terrifying to me. I feel slightly physically ill when I think about it too much. Talibama, indeed.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Sending a cyber hug to Carlos... and to you. Our first five years in Spain, I ended up spending 2 months in the States on three different occasions due to my mother’s health issues. It wasn’t easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wish Carlos could go with you! Wishing your father a perfect recovery!