Saturday, February 02, 2019

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

It looks like Michael Caine loves to dish, though his subject matter might get a certain Beyhive all up in arms.

You might recall that both Caine and Beyoncé appeared in Austin Powers In Goldmember, but you may not know that Beyoncé confessed to Michael that she is thirsty for Oscar.
“I knew she was a singer and had a group. I asked her one day, ‘What do you want to do with your life, Be-yons?’ I always called her ‘Be-yons.’ And she said, ‘I want to win the Academy Award for acting.’ She was very good in the movie, a very competent actress, and I thought she could get somewhere with this. She’s gone far beyond my world. She’s so big now.”
But as an actress? She’s less Meryl and more Madge, you know, so Oscar looks like a dream, girl.

See what I did there? Dream, girl. Dreamgirls? I’ll stop.
You ever wonder if Jimmy Kimmel has turned down a guest? Well, wonder no more; he has, and her name is … Barbra Streisand.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Kimmel was asked if he’d ever had a guest that wanted to reverse the set—Cohen says he’s reversed his set four times for Mimi. Kimmel said:
“I’ve had a guest ask for that and I said no … It was the condition. But the condition was that we couldn’t talk about that we’d switched around and I was like, ‘I just don’t see how that would work.’”
And, when pressed, he admitted it was Babs. Still, I love that she asked, and then said she’d refuse to talk about it, like anyone who has seen Kimmel even once would notice the set had been flipped. But it’s nothing new for Streisand … when James Cordon got her to agree to a Carpool Karaoke, she did it in the driver’s seat.

Color me surprised … and by that, I mean, I saw this coming miles away … but reality stars Jeff Lewis and his boyfriend/partner/other-half/costar, Gage Edward, are over … or taking a break because if their show comes back, perhaps they’ll reunite for the cameras?

This is the latest in a long line of Jeff Lewis friends, family, lovers, surrogate mothers, walking away from his ass in a fire of ill-feelings and/or lawsuits. First, his longtime housekeeper Zola quit, and then his longtime assistant Jenni left in a blaze of a lawsuit, and then his surrogate mother—who carried the Lewis-Edward baby to term—is suing him for saying nasty things about her vagina on camera.

And now Gage.

Color me not surprised, but since Lewis has a history of pushing people away, so there’s no telling how long his baby daughter will be in the picture.
Tori Spelling is trailer trash who lives like she’s a billionaire, and so she is in a constant state of debt because she doesn’t pay her credit card bills.

In 2016, she was sued by AmEx because she owed them $38,000, and now she’s back in AmEx hell because she’s being ordered to repay $88,594.55 to them.

How is her card still active? Two years ago, she owed 40K and now AmEx let her raise her debt ceiling to 90K? Tori is hoping that if her proposed Beverly Hills 90210 reboot was a go, she could pay off that debt, but AmEx is lie, Bitch, you were Donna Martin. No one cares about Donna Martin. Just give us our money.

Maybe she could go to work for Jeff Lewis and then sue his ass after a couple of years for some credit card coin.
Celine Dion. I often wish her heart didn’t go on, but today, for this instant, I’m on her side.

Dion recently gave an interview and the gist of it is that she wants to be left alone. She was asked if her rumored new, much younger boyfriend, Pepe Munoz was “the man in her life” and she said he was man in her life.

Leave me alone!

Then talk turned to Dion’s increasingly thin body—not to mention her horrific fashion sense, and by sense, I mean, if it’s ugly, she’ll wear it—and Dion said “if you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.”

How can we leave you alone, Celine, when you won’t go away? Please. Go. Away.
It looks like Wendy ain’t coming back any time soon, because for the foreseeable future The Wendy Williams Show will be The Nick Cannon Show.

It all began with an arm injury and over-medicating herself, and that was compounded by the rumors that her husband’s side-piece was with child and suddenly Wendy can’t perform any longer.

Enter Nick Cannon and his Turban. But don’t get too comfortable, because if history has taught us anything—America’s Got Talent—it’s that Tyra Banks comes for any Nick Cannon gig and so maybe Tyra will be back in the talk show game again soon.
Oh, am I excited … Gwyneth Paltrow is in trouble with the law again, though not for those Vaginal Steaming Lies or those $1500 t-shirts or because Martha Stewart sold her out to the feds? No, Paltrow is being sued by Dr. Terry Sanderson for a ski accident that he says happened in Utah in 2016 when a “skiing out of control” Paltrow slammed into him.

Sanderson says the “hit-and-run ski crash” happened when Paltrow “skied out of control” colliding with him from the back, knocked him down, knocked him out and then got up and skied away as if nothing ever happened. And Sanderson wants for $3.1 million for “permanent traumatic brain injury,” pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, four broken ribs, some good old-fashioned emotional distress and last but not least, disfigurement. Sanderson is also claiming that the Deer Valley Resort is conspiring in a cover-up, and a ski instructor, Eric Christiansen who was with Goop, filed a report full of lies saying that she did not cause the crash. Eric, the resort itself and two other unnamed employees are also being sued.

I imagine  that Paltrow will spin this crash as some new kind of GOOP Full Body Skiing and send Sanderson a bill for several thousand dollars. I mean, c’mon, this is the woman who fleeces rich women for profit, who tells people she invented yoga, so, yeah, I think she crashed into the doctor and the skied away because she takes no responsibility for anything unless she can turn a profit.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh dear, if that photo is accurate, Celine Dion is looking positively skeletal! Has anorexia taken over? Very distressing.

mistress maddie said...

If I was married to Jeff Lewis I'd slit my throat. Someone should tell him acting like a big dick, won't make his any bigger.

Perhaps Celine's problem is she hasn't gone off to see Paltrow yet for a vag steaming???

And Beyoncé thinking she wants a Oscar??? Oh that poor thing. She isn't that pretty to be that stupid.

I love Bab.s music...and someone please tell her is not god. She. sings.

the dogs' mother said...

I read somewhere the crash was on the
beginner's slope. That takes some doing
to be out of control on a beginner's slope.

Blobby said...

of COURSE Be-yons can have an Oscar. J-Hud, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway and Gwinnie have one. It's not exactly for "talent".

Celine is looking a little severe. She should go skiing with Paltrow.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Is Jeff Lewis (who?) the one of the right? If so he has had disfiguring lips surgery as far as I can tell.

As for Dion; she looks like she'll be in a box sooner rather than later. Then she won't have to worry about anyone bothering her.

Bob Slatten said...

This gives me life:

"She isn't that pretty to be that stupid."


anne marie in philly said...

all of these idiots deserve to be dropped in the nearest dumpster.

Deedles said...

It took me a minute to recognize Celine Dion. Good grief, she's only fifty! I'm twelve years older and I'm not being vain but she looks at least ten years older than me. Is she still grieving over the death of her husband/father figure?
Why is it when you're rich and famous certain behaviors get you labeled Diva or Eccentric, whereas the rest of we peons are just run of the mill bat guano loco? Things that make you go, whatev.

Leanna said...

Sorry. But not sorry. I know you hate Wendy Williams and I don't like her much myself, but what she is going through is real. She has an Autoimmune Disease. It makes you look like you are fine and dandy but in reality, going through hell behind the scenes. I know because I'm going through MCTD. Look it up. I'll wait.
Ahywho, people with AD, will put on a brave face even though they feel like they're dying inside. There are days that we feel fine, they are rare times so we do as much as we can during that little window of opportunity because we know at any time really soon that we will return to the debilitating pain that comes with autoimmune diseases. The pain that we do constant battle against is a hidden fight. So, I would like to please refrain from trying to bring down someone with AD. It's heartbreaking even if you believe they might be faking an illness. Because what they are really faking is trying to keep it together.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

That's Celine! Someone please give her a sandwich!!! She looks like every old high school french teacher I ever had! I'm sure she is broken hearted, jokes aside, she loved her husband completely until the day he died and now there is no one to guard her from the industry hyenas like he did.

Bob Slatten said...

I am not snarking her because of some condition, unless the condition is over-medicating yourself or hiding from the fact that your husband is gonna be another woman's baby daddy.

Dave R said...

I don't think saying Beyons was good in Austin Powers movie can be construed as a compliment by any means.

Babs is great!!

Maybe Tori could earn so cash by staring in a remake of Roots, she seems to be fairly proud of hers.

I didn't think Celine was still giving interviews... at her age.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

The dish is strong with you in this one. Goddess, I have never read so much gossip I was not even aware of! Keep it coming, I still have some crudités to much through....