Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Grown Men Could Learn Something From Nico

Emily Nash is sixteen and an avid golfer; she recently finished a Massachusetts high school golf tournament competition, where she was the only girl playing, with the best score.

Good for her, but ... rules set by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association prevented her from getting the first-place trophy because ... wait for it ... she’s a girl. The girl with the best score; the best one playing; but not good enough for a trophy because she doesn’t have a penis. Oh, and let’s not forget that Emily’s score, again, the best score, was used to contribute to her school’s overall team score, but she was not recognized as an individual player, again, because of her gender.

Luckily, Nico Ciolino, who got the second-best score, and received the championship trophy instead, because he’s male, is more aware and grown-up than the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association:
“I felt a little bit awkward. It felt like I cheated in a sense because I didn’t win and I got the trophy. It didn’t feel right with me. I felt bad. It’s so hard winning tournaments. … It’s just so tough when you finally win and you get the results that you worked so hard for and then it’s like, ‘Oh wait, you can’t win. You’re a girl.’”
And so he offered the trophy to Emily, who was touched by his gesture ... 
“He came over and said he didn’t win the tournament, that I did. It was really nice of him and respectful”
 ... but politely declined.

Nico says:
“I like to call myself a good golfer, but it’s very hard to win in the tournaments I play in, so it’s very hard for me to kind of say, you know, give up the trophy ... But I knew that she deserved it. She beat me fair and square. It was the right thing to do. She won. It didn’t mind me that she was a girl. We played from the same tees. We played in the same conditions.”
Again, too bad the adults running the tournament were as, well, aware, as Nico.


Linda d said...

Some day this won't even have to be talked about but probably not in my lifetime.

brewella deville said...

I hadn't heard that part of the story. Emily and Nico have made their parents very proud.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't know anything about this because, you know, golf. Is they're something in the rules that says you can't win if you are a girl? If so, why was she allowed to play?

These two kids are total examples of class. Nico giving his trophy to Emily because she won even though she hasn't a penis. Emily declining because it's not Nico's fault he won because he has the 'right' equipment. Good kids.

How bad are things getting when I was expecting a trans story of some kind?

Deedles said...

That's not Anonymous up there, I just hit the wrong box!

the dogs' mother said...

Bless them both! :-)

anne marie in philly said...

emily & nico are more adult than the "adults".

Gene Perry said...

Ah, didn't anybody notice that she's a girl when she first teed up?