Thursday, April 25, 2013

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They’re Number 10!
Rhode Island has approved marriage equality in a 26-12 Senate vote. The House passed the bill in January, and it must get another, basically procedural, vote there again, but then it heads to the desk of Governor Lincoln Chafee who has said he will sign the bill. Once signed, same-sex marriage will become legal in August.
Governor Chafee issued this statement after the vote:
I am always proud to be a Rhode Islander, but never more so than today.
After yesterday’s Judiciary Committee vote, I expressed my hope that the full Rhode Island Senate would pass a bill that chooses tolerance and fairness over division and discrimination. In passing the Marriage Equality Act, they have done just that.
I thank the Senators who have taken a stand to move Rhode Island forward and commend the Senate President for calling the roll. Great credit should go to Ray Sullivan, everyone at Rhode Islanders United for Marriage, and the countless volunteers who knocked on doors and participated in phone banks. Finally, I want to applaud the pioneers, such as the late Julie Pell, who for decades have fought for the fundamental rights of gay and lesbian Rhode Islanders. This day would not have been possible without their efforts.
Pending the final vote by the House of Representatives, Rhode Island will no longer be an outlier in our region. We will have the welcome mat out. We will be open for business, and we will once again affirm our legacy as a place that is tolerant and appreciative of diversity.
Brava Rhode Island, the Little State That Could!
The French National Assembly has voted to approve marriage equality in a 331-225 vote. France now joins New Zealand, Uruguay, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, and Denmark as the 14th nation to offer its citizens nationwide marriage equality.
And here we sit, in the back seat twiddling our thumbs as the rest of the world progresses.
Senator Rob Portman has seen a loss of support from Republicans since he came out for marriage equality last month.
His approval rating has fallen from 44% to 40%, while his disapproval ratings have climbed from 34% to 31%.
He lost my support when he voted against gun background checks last week.
We have one movie theater in Smallville, a dusty crusty relic from the last century that once had a Negros Only balcony back in the day. But they rarely show anything other than G-rated kiddie films, so we usually drive the 25-miles to a Regal Theater.
Maybe we won’t be doing that anymore, though.
See, Regal Entertainment Group has announced in a company memo that it's cutting the hours for thousands of nonsalaried employees to avoid providing health care insurance under Obamacare. Yup, deny them healthcare coverage and then cut their hours so they can’t afford to even see a doctor without insurance. Nicely done Regal.
And this is from a company that posted a hefty $334 million in 2012 profits, and whose shares rose by 17%. This is a company that gave its chief executive a 31% pay increase:  Amy Miles earned $4.45 million in 2012, up from $3.4 million in the previous year. But they don’t wanna pay for healthcare because it’s too expensive.
Shame on you Regal.
But Regal Cinemas might be at the receiving end of one of the worst consumer backlashes yet. See, others have tried to do the same thing—like Appleby’s and Denny’s—and seen their own stocks take a tumble. Maybe, if that happens to regal, Amy Miles might take a pay cut? I laugh, because her greed apparently knows no bounds.
Regal is also facing pushback from employees; after getting their hours cut by 25% or more, some full-time managers have resigned.
Carlos and I love The Borgia’s on Showtime—even with Jeremy irons and his idiotic stance on same-sex marriage and incest—but we’ve also started watching Da Vinci’s Demons on Starz.
It’s really more of an Indiana Jones Da Vinci kind of show, but, well, as I like to do in my shallow moments, drool on some of the new hot mens on the show.
Blake Ritson plays the evil, really evil, so evil that when he’s done with you he has someone cut off your head, Count Girolamo Riario. But he does so with a smirk that is both, like I said evil, and kind of hot.
Then we have Elliot Cowan, who plays Lorenzo Medici. He does wear the really bad sideburns, but he also oozes some of the sexy.
As does Tom Bateman who plays his drool-worthy brother, Giulino Medici. He has a kind of Henry Cavill thing about him, and, of course, leather pants.
The show is mildly entertaining but becomes better when these three appear onscreen, especially Blake Ritson, who looks a little like Carlos, without that whole 'Off with your head' thing..
Just sayin’.
Y’all know that I’ve yet to meet a curse word I didn’t like, but even I know when it’s appropriate to talk like a longshoreman and when it’s not.
AJ Clemente, however, does not.
On his first day, FIRST DAY, on the job as news anchor for KFYR, an NBC affiliate n Bismarck, North Dakota, he opened the broadcast with the words “gay … f**king … sh*t”. His co-anchor Van Tieu stumbled as she heard what he said, though she maintained her composure.
I might have gone all, “You f**king a**hated dipsh*t! What the f**k were you thinking?”
But then we’d both be out of a job.
Clemente, for his part, Tweeted on his, now closed, account, "That couldn't have gone any worse!"
Clemente was suspended and then fired from his one day, first day f**k up.
But, he did try to explain that he wasn’t say ‘gay’ but that he was trying to pronounce Tsegaye Kebede, the winner of the London Marathon, panicked, and began cursing.
Either way, he’s up sh*t creek without a motherf**king paddle, eh?
Good news on the equality beat …
Nevada's Senate took the first step toward recognizing same-sex marriage this week when, by a vote of 12-9, passed the Senate Joint Resolution 13, which repeals a constitutional provision passed by voters ten years ago to ban same-sex marriage. The legislation also declares that Nevada recognizes all marriages regardless of gender and, if the measure is passed by the Assembly this year and again next year, it will go to the voters for ratification in 2016.
Time moves slowly in politics, no?
But, of note, is that one, just one, Republican joined with Democrats to vote in favor of the resolution, and then one other lawmaker, Democratic Sate Senator Kelvin Atkinson publicly declared for the first time that he is gay.
"I’m black. I'm gay," Atkinson said, after describing his father's interracial re-marriage that would have been banned earlier in American history. "I know this is the first time many of you have heard me say that I am a black, gay male."
Atkinson went on to rebut the argument that gay marriage threatens any other definition of marriage: "If this hurts your marriage, then your marriage was in trouble in the first place."
Nicely put, Senator Atkinson, and Welcome Out!
Of course, here at HOMO HQ, we’re already shipping out your copy of The Gay Agenda and a Coming Out Toaster Oven.
Welcome Out!
Well, if you don’t follow Princess, at the Palais de Steff, you don’t know what you’re missing.
Fabulous fashion design, a view of life from Down Under, and a bevy of beautiful arses.
Seriously, it’s a lovely place to stop into and see what’s happening.
And, well, I’m flummoxed, because Princess has awarded me the coveted "Reality" award...and I don’t know why! This award is, as Princess said, a "mini meme" and since I haven't bothered to do one for a spell, I thought I'd give it a little go...
1. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
Oh, I loathe these questions because I am quite off on this topic. See, I could change a million things, I guess, right some wrongs, maybe make some better choices, but, and it’s a big but, would I be who I am, and where I am, and with Carlos, if I changed a thing?
If that’s the case, then, No, I wouldn’t change anything. All that I’ve done and said, and not done and said, the good, the bad, the horrific, has kinda made me who I am today and I’m okay with that.
2. If you could repeat any age... Which would it be?
I feel like I’m sort of dodging the questions, but I wouldn’t want to live any age that I’ve already lived, over again. Been there, done that, have the scars to prove it.
But I am fascinated by the years I haven’t lived and am interested to see what they bring. I liked my 20s—boy, did I like my 20s-and loved my 30s and 40s, but, yeah, done it. No need to rehash. I prefer to look ahead to 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and well beyond.
3. What really scares you?
Ignorance, a general lack of intelligence; a lack empathy; selfishness. I am always the one to point out, whenever someone is fighting with someone else, that old Rodney King mantra, Can’t we all just get along?
That’s what I fear, and what scares me, is that we can’t all get along.
4. If you could become someone else for the day... Who would you be?
Just for a day? Well, I could do this though I have so many options.
I’d like to be Rosa Parks, that day on the bus. That would be huge.
I’d like to be a friend of Harvey Milk’s. To be in that man’s space, open and honest and so so far ahead of his time; I’d like to be around that and drink it in.
I’d like to be Cher, just for the fun of it all.
I’d like to be myself on the day my mom died and make sure I said all the things I wanted to say before she left.
Well, then, there you have it. I don’t think I’ll nominate anyone for the award, but it would be interesting to see if any of you might like to play along and open the door to your inner self and show us all who you are, want to be, or were.
Any takers?

TWEET OF THE WEEK: It's a tie!!!


R.J. said...

OMG, I love that T-Pain tweet! I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my turkey wrap I'm eating for lunch.

I'll do the Reality post sometime after the PR finale and before I go to bed. I definitely have some answers in my head for those questions.

the dogs' mother said...

Rhode Island, welcome to the cool states. :-)

anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ for RI; DE is next! :)

PA will never support equality; too many damn rednecks here. which sucks for those of us that WANT it! :(

PS - OMB, word verification is "you soffirm"...oh really now? tee hee!

mistress maddie said...

First congrats to Rhode Island!!!!! Second, I may have to start watching that show you mentioned, of course with my fan and smelling salts. Third, I love your answers to Prinny's questions. Fourth, what a crime Regal is doing. Another reason I don't go to the movies.

mistress maddie said...

@ Anne Marie-
I hear ya sister! It seems like Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philly have support but...with Pennsatucky all in between!

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

If I were AJ Clemente I'd get myself to a plastic surgeon because that big honkin mole on his upper lip doesn't look so good.

the dogs' mother said...

it will never pass but -
*Bill seeks exemption to non-discrimination law*

Princess said...

Thanks Bob for taking the time...
You got my nomination because you keep things real here. I'm alway astounded by the way you always manage to champion the underdog regardless of race creed or gender.
Your views on the big issues are about equality for all...
You call it how it is... and point out that asshats are asshats... A word that I was un familiar with until visiting here...

Your answers were terrific thanks again for participating

Bob said...

You gonna make me blush! =) Muah!