Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day...And The Day After

So, another Christmas has come and gone and reality sets back in. I had some of the morning shows on, and all they talk about is how to pack up your Christmas decorations, returning gifts, what to do with leftovers. Sheesh, people, it's only been a few hours. Let me savor the day a bit longer before you goose-step into my house and order Christmas away!
We had a lovely day yesterday, Carlos and I. It was drizzly but not cold, so windows were left open and cats slept on the sills. Buddy, the dog from next door dropped by for a play-date with Ozzo and they raced around the backyard, playing with dog toys and sticks, pine cones and balls.
Carlos and I exchanged gifts, ate a lovely breakfast, and then relaxed, reading, listening to music, he played Spiders on the computer. We spoke with family and friends about their holidays; just a quick Hello. It was quiet and serene, after all the hustle and flow of the season, it was nice to relax.
In the afternoon we took Ozzo to the park so he could sniff something other than his own yard. He tore through the park like a madman, or like a stumpy little dog on three-inch legs; but he can run, although I don't know how. Ozzo is a rescued dog, and he looked like a baby Lab when we got him; only his legs never grew more than three inches. He now looks like a Dachscund-Lab mix, however scary that sounds.
And since Carlos did the turkey for Thanksgiving--and I did the veggies, the bread, the stuffing, the wine, the table...and....and, well, I was the chef for Christmas. Although, since Carlos is the MasterBaker, he did make a delicious Apple Cheesecake. But back to my dinner, because I was one heckuva cook yesterday. Martha? Eat your heart out. Or, as Carlos puts it, Eat out your heart.
I made a Rosemary-Pesto-rubbed, Pancetta-wrapped boneless Pork Loin; I lovingly rubbed my loin with the pesto....minds out of the gutter, please. We had Brussels Sprouts--I love the little cabbages....mon petit chou chou--roasted with onions and garlic, then tossed with Hazelnuts. I did some new potatoes, and a delicious caramelized onion, roasted garlic cornbread. As you can see, everything has garlic in it. A lot. I either love the taste or I have a Vampire phobia; either way it's a win-win. I guess it's good I didn't do desert; garlic cheesecake doesn't sound so good. Unless you serve it as a first course! I may be onto something here....but I digress.
Now, as I do have a crazy streak, and I love to annoy Carlos when the mood strikes, which is often, or all of the time, during dinner I began speaking to my imaginary waiter. I told him that the meal was fantastic and he should let the chef know how I thrilled I was to have ordered the pork loin. I complimented the bread, raved about the sprouts. Carlos gives me that look that says he doesn't know whether to medicate me, pour me another glass of wine, ignore me, or call 911, but even he said the meal was fantastic....well, he said very good, actually, but I think he meant to say fantastic!
After dinner was coffee and cheesecake, and some good conversation. We sat with cats on our laps, behind our heads, and a little dog running from my feet to his, and back again. We talked about taking a day trip on Saturday, either to Asheville, NC or to Savannah, Ga; we are exactly in the middle of both places. We haven't been to Savannah yet, but we love Asheville, so it's a choice between the mountains and the coast; cold over cool. I think it'll come down to a coin toss.
On a side note: Carlos bought me a book for Christmas; I does loves to read, I does. It's written by Carrie Fisher and is called, I love the title, Wishful Drinking. In it she talks about her struggles with bi-polar disorder, manic depressive behaviour, drug addiction, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, her daughter, her husband who left her for another man, and the time she woke up in bed with a dead guy.....true story. It's very funny how she can take these situations that might send most of us reeling over a cliff, and find the humor, and the sadness, and makes it all an exceptional read. I finished the book a couple of hours later, and will probably reread it again over the weekend.
Anyway, that was Christmas: good food and quiet times with the people you love; the animals you love; good books; good music; good times. A lovely, lovely day.
Peace. Full.


Beth said...

I'm glad it was a good day for you and Carlos. I once "dated" a guy named Carlos...I love me a Latin Man! Well, we didn't really date...we kind of just "hooked up"...I wonder where he is now. He was so cute!

and MAN!!!!! That food sounds sooo good!!! DAY-UM!!!!!!


Joy said...

I like to go to Asheville and Savannah. The Biltmore House is amazing and the scenery, shops, and atmosphere of Asheville. Same with Savannah along with the food!

Sounds like a cozy, wonderful Christmas. I want to read that book, too. I identify with you about your pop culture knowledge. I like to keep up with it, too.

Berry Blog said...

Yah...allllllll gooooood. I have faith in the chef, but I want to meet the any chance is he Chippendale? Myself, I'd like a lean street hustler in briefs and half an erection over my cooking.A real test of my cooking. Your recipes sound wonderful and I have a pork roast waiting for me to attack even now. gonna turn it into medallions etc.
Love the peace and warmth the two of you established