Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Comedy Stylings Of Griffin and Cooper

This cracks me up.

Kathy Griffin makes me laugh.

Anderson Cooper makes me tingly.


David Dust said...

I walked past Anderson Cooper in Chelsea before he became mega-famous. He was looking TRE gay in a black leather jacket and jeans.

Happy New Year!!!


Berry Blog said...

I find Kathy sometimes too aggressive but incredibly brave along the lines of both the young eternally spouting fountains like Joan Rivers and Robin Williams- that brilliant stream of consciousness.
Anderson must be awful to be in love with him...those other worldly good looks, his gentlemanly condemeanor, his inherent personal shyness,- but one would be always be waiting for him to return. too hard, too hard.

Bob said...

I think that's what I like about Kathy, her brazen attitude, damn the torpedoes. I like the "I'll say what I want and if you don't like it then %^$#& you!"
Plus, she is so gay-friendly