Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Ain't One To Gossip But ....

Rihanna seems to be treading in LeAnn Rimes territory lately, getting caught up in an online ‘battle’ with a fan.

It seems that an Instagram user ms_kasharna1 responded to a picture of Rihanna and a relative with "I swear everyone in Rihanna’s family looks like they’re retarded… Must be the drugs and alcohol!

Not nice; rude, actually. Stupid, definitely. But then Rihanna, never know to take the high road lest she’s actually high, responded by uploading an image to her Instagram of a goat and ms_kasharna1 , and then asking her followers to ‘spot the difference’. She also posted the picture on her Twitter feed, which is nearing 29.5 million followers.

To her credit, ms_kasharna1 deleted all of her Instagram photos, though on Twitter she continues to go after Rihanna:  “Rihanna looks so dirty!!! Like she hasn’t showered in days!”

Like I said, not nice, rude actually, stupid definitely, but, really, Rihanna? Did you have to respond? Did you have to sink to that level? Did you have to take it into the street?

Way to go, RiRi. I’ve changed my mind; you and Chris Brown are perfect for each other.
Look at Janice Dickenson, the self-declared World’s First Supermodel-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L!

She used to be gorgeous, then she apparently fell in love with plastic surgery and the need to [she thinks] look forever young.

She has admitted to being a plastic surgery whore and a friend of The Bo, but then she went into Face-lifting and Lip Injections and now she looks like a plastic version of herself that has been left out in the hot sun too long.

But, to listen to her talk about her surgeries in laughable:

“I had my boobs done when I was 32. Back in the Jurassic era!  I had a tummy tuck and face-lift – and so has every other woman in Hollywood! Sue me. I do Botox and Restylane. I don’t get anything in my cheeks, though. I have perfect bone structure. And my lips are mine.”

Uh huh. Methinks the photos tell another story.

“I don’t think my appearance has changed. I just think my face has matured. Do Halle or Julia or Meryl still look the same? No!”

Um, they at least look like themselves, though Janice.

Knock it off.
Need proof that The Gays can have as disastrous a marriage as The Straights, then look no further than David Tutera, of TVs My Fair Wedding.

It seems that Tutera has filed for d-i-v-o-r-c-e from his husband on ten years, Ryan Jurica, and he wants full custody of the unborn twins that are growing in a surrogate's womb right now, and then it got ugly.

Ryan Jurica is making all sorts of nasty claims about his wanna-be-an-ex-husband. See, two days before David filed papers in L.A., Ryan filed his owner papers in Connecticut and said that their 10 year marriage died, because David is addicted to, um, rent boys, er,  leased dick. Ryan claims the couple went to a therapist to make it work, but it didn’t work because David would come home smelling like Rent-a-whore.

Just like David, Ryan wants full custody of their unborn twins, though he admits that while David earns about a million a year, he doesn’t make a dime because he didn’t work while they were married. Then, I guess hoping it makes him look like the better parent, he says after David left him, he turned to The Drink and was forced to spend time in rehab. He has also been arrested once for DWI and once for being drunk in public.

Seriously, these two prove that The Gays can be just as dysfunctional and disgusting in marriage as The Straights; in fact, aren’t they just The Gay version of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller?
So, Not-Gay-And-In-The-Closet Ryan Seacrest and Not-Beard Julianne Hough broke up.
Color me surprised. As surprised as I was when David Gest dumped Liza, or Liza dumped David; whatever.

The Seacrest-Hough [pronounced Seacrest-Huff, not the more amusing Seacrest-Ho] split occurred in mid-March after the two had been ‘dating’ for two years and the break-up seems to have taken.

Now, as if to prove he has come to terms with being dumped, comes news that Ryan has purchased a $3 million LA home for Hough. Seriously? Now, why oh why would someone buy their ex—he bought the house well after the breakup—a mansion unless, included in the mortgage, was a Silence Clause. As in don’t tell people that Ryan really swings the other way.

A former pal of the American Idol host says that, despite his goody-two-shoes-Dick-Clark-in-the-making image, Seacrest has some unusual appetites in the boudoir region, and so, to avoid having the exes spill the beans, he buys them $3 million worth of quiet.

Man, a $3 million house is an excellent return on a two-year relationship investment.
So, we talked David Tutera and Ryan Jurica, now let’s dish on their Straight Counterparts, Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen.

It seems that Child protective Services came to Brooke’s house and found it more of a drug den than a home and removed her twin boys—the one’s she had with her husband, Charlie Sheen before he pulled a knife on her—from the home. And they took the boys to Charlie’s house.

No. They didn‘t. Rather than take the boys to their father’s house after discovering their mother is a drug mule, the authorities actually gave Brooke and Charlie’s boys to his other ex-wife, Denise Richards.

Now, Brooke’s in hospital for drug abuse issues… again….for the, and this is not a lie or an exaggeration, the twentieth time…and after detoxing, she’ll move to a residential treatment center. Then she’ll get out and do it all over again.

Sad, really, but even sadder still is that, after Brooke entered rehab again, Denise and Charlie attended an emergency custody hearing to review the boys’ placement. The judge agreed that they should stay with Denise, who is already a single mom to three daughters under 10, and the boy’s father, Charlie, has agreed that the best place for his sons.

Not with him. With his ex-wife who isn’t their mother. Now, this may appear pathetic that he doesn’t even want his own sons, but I will commend him just this once for knowing that he is such an over-top- fuck up that he realizes his children would be better off with Denise.

Still…..anyone can have a child, or twins, these days.
I know she’s all locked up at the Betty Ford Center, but Lindsay Lohan’s crack-tivities are keeping her in the news.

It seems that Lohan doesn’t like the BFC and is trying to finagle a change of venue to a more productive rehab facility in Hawaii. Does she think she can switch rehabs like people switch hotels? Well, here’s why she hates the BFC:

She has to get up at 6:30 every morning and do chores like dress herself and make her bed and comb her weave.

She still gets to take her Adderall, but BFC doctors are evaluating Lindsay’s diagnosis and the efficacy of the drug. If doctors disbelieve her diagnosis or the usefulness of Adderall, they will cut her off.

Unlike her last stint at the BFC, Lohan will get no Day Passes to go clubbing and shopping and drug scoring.

Still, one problem with the BFC is that they only offer 30 day treatments, so Lohan might have to do the same 30-day program three times in a row. Sidenote: Lohan’s former lawyer, never paid, but hired back, Shawn Holley insists that Betty Ford does offer longer programs.

So hard to be a drug addict and stuck in rehab where you can’t party and lay by the pool all day.

If I ever go to rehab, I wanna go to a Four Season one, on a beach, with hot cabana boys.
You gotta love Robin Williams. After he, and the rest of the world, caught sight of that hideous outfit Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Ball, he Tweeted that picture: "I think I wore it better."

But, even funnier than his Tweet is the news that it was Kanye who picked out the dress for Kim. Seriously, he wanted his Baby Mama to look like a couch in a whorehouse?

Funnier still, is word that Kanye was “annoyed” and “embarrassed” that she altered it by removing the belt and adding sleeves. Yeah, a belt would have helped. Not.

And, finally, funniest of all, is that on Vogue’s website, where they featured all the Met Ball guests, they included Kanye West but basically erased the Kash Kow from sight. So what you have is Kanye holding a disembodied hand, and Kardashian MIA in the photo and in the entire gallery.

Other couples photographed together remain intact. Kardashian was the only one cropped out.

I giggle.


Sean R said...

Good morning!

If you get on FB in the near future, and you see a friend request, it's from me.

anne marie in philly said...

what a ship of fools today! glad you and I are normal human beings!

although I DO like your idea of rehab, esp. the cabana boyz with unlimited fruity umbrella drinks and tight tiny speedos...


the dogs' mother said...

I almost feel sorry for KimK!

R.J. said...

Oh, my! Where to begin?

I actually don't mind Rhianna other than the fact Hollyweird seems to foist her onto me like she's supposed to be some big deal. It's like they want to make someone that isn't a star into one.

Janice Dickinson does have great bone structure, but she does not resemble her younger version in any way.

David Tutera's crazy situation may have one upside. Maybe the haters will see this and realize the LGBT community can do divorce just like them and not make such a big deal about defending the myth called the sanctity of marriage.

Ryan Seacrest? LOL. This move is a carbon copy of what Simon Cowell did when he broke up with his ex, which make it kinda creepy.

Kash Kow Kardashian has the worst fashion sense. I see it all the time when those $39.99 Shoe Dazzle ads pop up wherever I web surf.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

David Tutera = GROSS!

That man is so nasty and gross he'd have to pay just about anyone to sleep with him. No, I take that back. He would HAVE to pay someone to sleep with him AND offer them green stamps for their effort. AND he'd have to redeem them for a toaster - a really good toaster, at that.

mistress maddie said...

"I don’t think my appearance has changed" shame to get all that work done and not get glasses, so she can see! And is it any wonder the Kash Kow was rubbed out? Anna Wintour can't stand that bitch! And I think it's funny Kayne put Kim in such a hidious gown, and she wore it!!!!!

Mind Of Mine said...

I think with the growing availability to tweet and instagram your favourite celebrities, you can see how open they are to insults. Before, it was all comments on blogs and Youtube. Now famous people have an opportunity to respond to such ridiculous comments, I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

A part of a celebrities appeal is always how inaccessible they are, out of reach.

Mind Of Mine said...


I totally get why the mainstream media does not like Kim K. But the abuse she has been getting lately, has been almost disgusting. She's pregnant, she can wear what ever the hell she wants.

If this was anyone else, it would not be happening.

Sam said...

Those gays are quite a riot!!!!! Love a sloppy divorce.

Bob said...

You're right that I don't care fro KK, but anyone, ANYONE, in that dress would be taken to task. That has got to be the ugliest garment ever worn, no matter who wore it!