Sunday, December 05, 2021

The Funny Papers

Nick Anderson, Drew Sheneman, Bill Bramhall, David Horsey, Deb Milbrath, Matt Wuerker, Matt Davies, Mike Luckovich, Adam Zyglis, Dave Whamond, Kevin Siers, Michael de Adder, Jack Ohman, Ann Telnaes, Clay Bennett,


  1. More people should take that cure for stupidity.

  2. I fear even that last one isn't enough.

  3. Hopefully the left and the right will not cancel each other out and the Biggest Challenge will be to get people to wake up...Are these cartoons just preaching to the choir or do GOPs ever see them? Yes, we all SHOULD be laughing...but haven't been for years.
    (edited typo)

  4. The elephant standing on the pile of guns, the covid bowling ball and the prescription speak volumes.
    Great collection once again Bob.

  5. There is a cure for stupid, of course we know the stupids will never take it, that's why we depend upon variants.

  6. The boy on the beach (Climate Change moat cartoon) looks like the profile of Alfred E. Neumann from the back.

  7. Too bad Stupid won’t elect Democrats.

  8. Very scary-toons!
    xoxo :-)

  9. @Debra
    And the vaccines, like COVID vaccines, are free: education.

    But we gotta try ...

    If people would simply remember what we did in 2020 getting the voters out, and if we keep doing that, maybe we’ll realize that We The People do have the power.

    Thanks. I wish we’d do something about guns, but when we let children die I think we’re doomed.

    As I’ve said, ‘Stupid is a virus, too.’

    I hadn’t noticed. Maybe Alfred is going green?

    True that!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Try that last pne!

  10. @Steve
    You can always trust the cartoonists to nail it!

  11. What sad commentaries of the country.

  12. I wish this wasn't so accurate. At the same time, it leaves me wondering why so many can go around ignoring the obvious. Oh yes, I forgot, selective stupidity is a thing.

  13. @Maddie
    But the cure might be in that last one.

    First, thanks so much for stopping by.
    I think, for some people, ignorance is bliss, and for others it might be a way of life. That's why those of us who are awake and aware need to step up!!

  14. I am sad to feel the last cartoon will not happen.

  15. @Ur-spo
    Well, we did it in 2020, so here's hoping we can do it again.

  16. Well, that last one speaks volumes. As does the Pro-NO one. THE PARTY has no legs to stand on anymore. They have exposed themselves and become their own undoing. If people show up to vote... this can end.

  17. Love the last one, turn out is the key

  18. @upton
    It's all about voting in every election you can.

    Fingers crossed!


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