Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahmet Is My Family

I saw this on Howard's blog, Soundtrack To My Day, and, well, it didn't take long for the tears to come. Every day one of our family is beaten or murdered, ostracized or disowned, taunted or threatened, teased, pushed, shoved, bullied. They are all our family, gay or straight.
Pass the word.
Ahmet is my family.

Spread the word.
Post the video.

Tell your boyfriend.
Print a poster.
Make a song.
Write an sms.
Send an email.
Publish on faceboook.
Myspace it.
Twitter it.
Feel free but let everyone know.
It will be your particular hommage to Ahmet.

Go HERE to tell the world that Ahmet is your family.


Wonder Man said...

I will post this

Howard said...

Thanks, Bob, for posting it. And to Wonder Man, too. The first time I came across this I just cried. It needs to be out there.

Dan said...

It took me exactly 45 seconds to start crying! thanks Bob!!!