Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foot In Mouth Disease

I am all for Free Speech; all for it. But there are times when certain members of the media, and you know who you are Fox News, carry the Free Speech mantra too far.

Case in point: Glenn Beck who called President Obama a racist for his comments on the Henry Gates and Cambridge Police fiasco. Beck is such an asshat that, at first he says Obama hates white people and the white culture--and forgive me, but what the hell is "the white culture" anyway--but then goes on to say that Obama doesn't hate The White Man.

But here's my problem. With so many people disenfranchised in this country today because of the housing, economy, fuel, mortgage crises, I think it's very dangerous to label the president as ant- anything. It sets up just another reason for these sorts of people, the birthers, the white supremacists, the Pro-Choice wingnuts, to do something radical.

Free Speech is beautiful. Stupid Speech is dangerous.
Glenn Beck should be made to apologize and then be fired.


Dan said...

Apologize and then be fired.. You forget die. Its this kind of talk theat is going to cause some wingnut with a rifle to start taking shots!

Beth said...

I'm with you 100%. When I first saw this, I think I hurled an epithet at the jerk. How dare you, Beck?

Wonder Man said...

We should smack him together

Joy said...

Those people on FOX are unbelievable - literally! How about bringing back public stoning for them!